Network Marketing & Why to Consider it

Network Marketing is all about meeting and connecting with people. Before jumping into the Network Marketing world, you should know what this opportunity is about. It’s not a Govt. job, or a private job where you are guaranteed with a fixed income at the end of the day, week, or month. If you are a job person (working in any XYZ company or organization), then in-directly you are a part of someone’s network. It’s a Boss-Employee relationship in which a boss will always be at the top, whereas an employee will always be working under him. In this case, the employee is dependent on the boss.

Network Marketing

Network marketing or Multi-level marketing is a business model, which is popular among the people looking for flexible, part-time/full-time businesses. There are many examples of well-known companies in the world such as Forever Living Products, Amway, Nu Skin, Vorwerk, Infinitus, etc.

Currently, MLM business has become a trend in the business world. In this, you form your own network of people to grow the business or you have to do a direct sale of the product or service. Here, some people think that it’s a selling or door-to-door selling type of business and is below their level. This statement is totally wrong. Businesses are working because of their products or services. For example, think of any big company name all over the world. Either they are selling the products or the services. Now let’s say that there’re two types of people working – one is designing the product/service, while the other one is independent contractors or distributors who’re promoting or selling the product/service. In this case, the person who is promoting or selling the product/service will be earning more as compared to who is designing or making it. Why? It all comes down to the PROFIT generated by that person.


  • You have the right to choose your business type.
  • As a business owner, you can decide your own income level.
  • Direct selling makes the business simple-to-earn profit by connecting with the network of people.
  • You get the chance to meet with new types of people, which builds your morale and confidence level.
  • It leads to overall personality development.
  • Network marketing benefits you to expand your business.
  • You are your own boss, set your own hours, and work towards your own success.
  • It’s a business where you grow with others.
  • You get the freedom of work-culture, freedom to expand your business at will, and freedom of work-space.
MLM Business

If we talk about the benefits, there’s a whole list of it. But before you decide to join any network marketing company, you should do proper research about it. Some of the NW marketing programs ask for a low upfront investment for the purchase of the product sample kit. That way, you came to know about how beneficial the product is. Then you get the opportunity to tell about that product line to your family, friends, neighbors, and other personal contacts. In doing so, most of them get interested to use it themselves. Then you can directly sell that product to them and can generate profit or commission from it.

Other NW programs ask you to recruit other sales representatives, which we consider as a down-line. In this case, the sales generated by down-lines provide income for those above them. But then things get complicated when a networking marketing company provides commissions to the participants mainly for recruiting others rather than selling the company’s services or products. As a result, the company face loses and eventually they go bankrupt. Remember, an MLM system in which the revenue source is totally dependent upon recruitment is an illegal pyramid scheme.

Before making a decision, make sure to do a proper background check of the MLM company you want to join. Properly analyze how you will be generating your income through the network marketing business. At last, we are all dependent upon the Money Factor. To obtain that, either you can ‘Join Others Business (JOB)’ or ‘Create your Own Business Opportunity.’ Be the Boss of your own Life, or sell a few hours of your life to someone and work according to his/her instructions for the rest of your life. The choice is yours to make.

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