Why is it Important to Discover Your WHY in Network Marketing?

“People with a clear vision, strong conviction & passion have Higher Chances to succeed in the Risks they take” – Avneet Kumar

Most of the time a question is asked, “WHY do you want to do it?” Whether it’s a business, a job, an activity, or going on an adventure, the WHY will always be there. Suppose you are doing a certain task with all your hard work. You are spending your time, efforts, and other resources to make it work. But if your WHY or you can say the reason behind starting to work on that task is not clear, it will always be halfheartedly. Result, either you’ll give up halfway, or you’ll fail drastically.

The same is with the Network Marketing or MLM industry. The first and foremost exercise that you should do when coming into this industry is to identify your “Reason Why.” What is it that drives you emotionally to become a successful business owner? Remember, your “Why” is going to be your long-term vision to achieve success in this business.

Questions you should ask yourself

Sometimes, it’s really hard for a few of us to decide what exactly we want from our lives. The same goes for the people involved with the Network Marketing industry. People do involve them with this industry, but they lack the vision, or they don’t have clarity about WHY they are doing what they are doing. When faced with such a dilemma, ask yourself the following questions while thinking, “what if Time and Money were never an issue“:

  • How your life will look like to you?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What would you like to do with the time-freedom you have?
  • Will there be any debt for you to pay?
  • What type of life will your family be living in?
  • Will your lifestyle inspire others to be passionate about their dreams and start working for them?

In simple words, how a successful business can change your life, your lifestyle, and your family’s life? The reason behind this is, sometimes people could ask you a question: “If money ain’t the problem, what would you do?” For most people, money could be the soul-reason that’s driving them to achieve their dreams, and that’s fine.

Remember Your Why

Write down your WHY

You should write down the reason why you want to do the business. The more specific it is, the better it will be for you. What are the goals that you want to accomplish by the end of this year, in 3 years, and 5 years? Any goal can be achieved if you know WHY you want to do what you want to. When writing your WHY, divide it into three stages as listed below:

Reason for doing NM business

What’s your reason to join the network marketing business? What role is it going to play in your life and how does it define you as a person?

To start with, make a list in a diary or notebook that will always be with you, so you can reflect on it at any time. Eventually, you’ll notice that a lot of things that come to your mind are material things. It will be like scratching the surface and then scratching it deeper and deeper until you reach the core of you. The more you write down, the more questions you will ask yourself, “What else do I want?” What else is there that touches my heart? You’ll notice that things are becoming much simpler from before. Write all the reasons because there’s no such thing as wrong answers in discovering your “WHY in Network Marketing.” Make sure to keep it with you and when you feel like giving up or don’t feel like doing things you need to do, look at the list and it will give you the reason why you need to move forward in your life and business.

Sharing your WHY

After making the list, the next step is to share your WHY with someone you like or trust. It could be your mentor who’s guiding you in your business, your family member, a friend, etc.. Ask them your daily remind you about the purpose you have in your life and business. Sharing the WHY makes it more real and the person you trust will remind you about your task and WHY and hold you accountable for the actions you take.

Compatibility between your WHY list & Business you Joined

After making the list of WHY you joined the MLM industry, discuss with someone why you want to do this business. Is your WHY compatible with the business opportunity you selected? You can create a personal message and ask the following questions for yourself:

  • Do I need more money?
  • Should health be also my priority?
  • Should I be my full-time boss?
  • Is time-freedom important for me?

It is important to know your WHY because as you progress in your business, more people with becoming part of your network and they will want to know what you do. What would you answer when someone asks you WHY you become part of this business opportunity?

Believe in Yourself

Remember, you can connect with more quality people by simply sharing your WHY with others and analyzing who has similar desires, needs as you do. Then you can help them to achieve those desires by setting an effective plan of action in place.

One thing that’s common in every successful network marketing business owner is that they have a Dream Board for themselves or a Dream Book that they carry all the time with them. On a dream board, you can write down your Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term goals that you want to achieve in the coming years. You can even post the pictures of your favorite places you want to visit, your dream car, house, etc., anything that motivates you to do the business.


Network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is a big industry where you must have a long-term vision. It’s not a kinder-garden where you are going to go crazy. So make sure that your WHY is realistic and achievable. As you move forward with excitement and clear vision in your mind, positive changes will start to occur in your life and business. So hold your seat-belt and start working on your road to success now.

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