Importance of Goal Setting in Network Marketing Business

Imagine you have to travel from Chandigarh to Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. How are you going to make it? Will you just sit in the car and start driving without having any idea which way to go? If you are driving like that, how long do you think it would take you to arrive at your destination? Or, what if you have already planned about your trip in detail before you begin your journey?

To run any type of business, you have to go through several challenges to be successful. You have to make decisions about budget, customer service, marketing, products, etc. daily. But unfortunately, most businesses do not make it to their end-goal. Do you know the reason, why? One of the reasons could be that they fail to set their clear goals.

Just like that, many people that are involved with network marketing businesses are trying to grow without having a plan to reach their destination. They don’t set their goals nor they have a strategy planned at how they are going to achieve success. Here, the problem is, if you don’t know how to reach your destination, it’ll be difficult for you to get there. It’s not only about network marketing, in any business, if you don’t have a detailed business plan – an action plan in place – you’ll never to able to hit your goals.

Reasons why Goal Setting is Important in Network Marketing

You can’t deny the fact that goals take us forward in life. Before we start any journey, it’s important to have an end-goal in our minds. Following are some of the reasons to make give you clarity about why goal setting is important in life and business:

Goals make you Focused

When you set your goals, they become your priority. They make you super focused. You focus on things that need your energy and time. For example, you realize that you need to achieve a particular level and life-time bonus in a particular time-frame. And you have a complete road-map to make that vision into reality. You will realize that it made your network marketing business much easier and doubled your bonuses. Even though you didn’t have any idea how you are going to make that happen, you decided to reach your goal in a certain period. That decision made you laser-focused and ignited the burning desire in you to make it happen. Without having a plan and a clear goal, it would never happen.

You realize what you want

Without setting clear goals, you’ll never know what exactly is driving you to do be in the network marketing business. When you keep moving in NM business with the vague ideas like ‘accomplishment’ or ‘success’ in mind, even if you buy a shiny car, you’ll never discover the true happiness of having it.

Keep asking yourself what you desire and constantly re-assess your goals. It will give you a clear vision of where you should go. Make a clear plan and have a clear vision -> a step by step walk-through on how to achieve the goals you made – is what that will enable you to figure out your desires in your business and life. After that, just do it and make it.

Goals help you to Measure your Success

When you plan your goals the right way, you can measure your success rate. But for that, your goals should be SMART. The SMART method of setting goals is as follows:

  • Specific: Make specific goals.
  • Measurable: Break your goal into small and measurable elements.
  • Attainable: They should be attainable and accepted by you.
  • Relevant: Make goals that are realistic and relevant to you.
  • Timely: Assign a deadline for every goal you set.

To successfully achieve your goals, you should be able to measure your progress and feel that you have a chance to attain them. By judging your progress, you can adjust your goals as necessary.

Goals keep you Motivated

Connect your goals with yourself, your dreams and your desires. Your goals are the roots of all motivation in your life. They give you an endpoint of what to aim for and get excited about. Goals keep you motivate, energize your behavior, give you the direction to head-on, enable you to think outside the box and prepare you to face the challenge.

Goals Build-Up your Morale

When you are doing something with no end in sight and no goals to achieve, it starts wearing you down emotionally. You feel everything has become still for you while time is running out, and start going through the motions. Whereas, goals help you to take ownership and pride in your business or any work that you are doing. When you achieve a goal, you feel good inside. It significantly increases your morale level also.

Set Your Goals Now

At last, let’s end it with an example. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, in their book “Built to Last”mentioned about BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals). They mentioned a very interesting example of a BHAG that occurred on May 25, 1961. On this day, United States President John F. Kennedy announced his ambitious goal of sending an American to the moon safety by the end of the decade. This goal was successfully achieved on July 20, 1969. If you look back, in 1961, no one knew how is it going to happen, but it inspired many to work towards a desirable outcome. Many talented persons channeled their brainpower to find the solution.

Similarly, you never know who might your goals are inspiring. There are plenty of benefits and reasons to have a clear vision and goals in life and for your network marketing business. You’ll grow when you set your goals in place.

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