The Business Inside: What do you know About SEM, Affiliate Marketing, And Native Advertisement?

Four months of the year 2020 have already passed with almost 2 months in lock-down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have started to become restless. Being stuck inside the four walls of our homes, we can only hope for the best. As for the digital marketers out there, or people who want to start their carriers in digital marketing, or people who are looking to learn digital marketing techniques to manage their own brand, website, etc., we are going to talk about three of the digital marketing techniques today.

In this article, I’ll be covering some basic knowledge about Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Native Advertisement. So please read it to the last.

Search Engine Marketing

It falls under the digital advertising model whose main purpose is to drive traffic towards the website. In this case, you have to pay a fee every time a user clicks on your advertisement. You might be wondering, “What benefits will you get with a paid advertisement?” Well, you can put your ads on popular channels and search engines which has big network such as Google, and you can pave your way to the top of search engine ranking. You will get more visibility, resulting in more traffic.


The advertisements consist of:

  • Text ads,
  • Video ads,
  • Image ads, etc..

You can use the following channels for SEM:

SEM Campaign Process

You can set up your search engine marketing campaign by following the given steps:

Step-1: You should have a clear understanding of your goals that you want to achieve with the campaign.

Step-2: Select the relevant keywords that associate with your brand, product, or service.

Step-3: Finalize keywords list and place your bid on relevant keywords.

Step-4: Make an attractive headline for your ad campaign.

Step-5: Analyze your campaign performance and measure the results.

Step-6: Keep optimizing your campaign and re-targeting potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about paying commissions to a website or other entities (website publishers, people who have lots of subscribers or content and attract lots of users, etc.) when they advertise the merchant’s products or services via referrals.


Affiliates are given incentives on the basis of:

  • Email Sign-ups
  • Subscriptions
  • Registrations
  • Conversions

Affiliate Marketing Process

Following are the steps involved in setting up the affiliate marketing process:

Step-1: Finalize a tool or platform that you will be using for finding affiliates to advertise your product or service.

Step-2: Establish the rules, guidelines, commission costs, poster/image specifications, etc. that the affiliates will be using on their websites or channels.

Step-3: Affiliates will apply to advertise your product or service on your behalf. You can approve or disapprove according to your choice.

Step-4: Select the affiliates that fulfill your brand requirements. You can select one or more than one affiliate.

Step-5: The customers will click on links or ads, which will redirect the user to the merchant’s website.

Step-6: When the customer will make a purchase, the affiliate network will keep a record of it in its database.

Step-7: The transactions are validated and credited to the affiliates by the broker, and the affiliates are paid their commissions. So, the more an affiliate sells or converges on your behalf, the more they are going to earn commissions.

Tools for Affiliate Marketing:

Following are some of the tools that you can use for affiliate marketing:

Native Advertisement

It means that your ad will be shown next to the content that is related to your brand product or service. These advertisements are featured on a platform alongside content that isn’t paid for. Native Advertisement makes sure that there is a connection between your Ad and the content where it will be posted. You can use Google Ads to place your ad natively on particular pages that are relevant to your product or service.


If you search on the internet, you’ll find plenty of tools to run your SEM, Affiliate, or Native ads. The information mentioned here is just a part of a bigger picture that I’ve tried to cover. We’ll go into details for every digital marketing strategy in the future articles. So, stay tuned.

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