The Business Inside: Knowing the Basics of Email Marketing And Online PR

The future of the digital marketing industry is going to be absolutely outstanding. The COVID-19 might have decreased the pace of every business industry, but it cannot stop the experts from achieving what they thrive for. As every sector that involves making legit money is doing its best during this recession time, you can also practice in exploring some digital marketing skills.

Today in this article, we’ll be talking about two of the important digital marketing types that could have a high influence on your work or business.

Email Marketing

Also known as the grandfather of all digital marketing channels, Email Marketing has been around for a very long time. It is a traditional form of marketing that uses personalized emails with which you can convert your prospective users into customers.

The picture below shows an example of email marketing mailer type:-


Email Marketing Process

Following are the steps involved in the email marketing process:

Step-1: Firstly, identify your target audience to whom you want to send an e-mailer and categorize them into different segments. Not everyone will be interested in one email. You need to create a segment of users who will find your mail relevant so that the audience can react and respond accordingly.

Step-2: Create your mailer campaigns and set an appropriate CTA (Call to Action). When you create a campaign and set a call to action, then the CTA will get aligned to the goal of your email campaign. You need to have a clear understanding of the goal of your email campaign. Whether you want the user to purchase something, drive traffic to your website, or want the user to submit any information, download videos, etc., you need to define the goal in your mailer campaign.

Step-3: Select the reliable and compatible email marketing tool. There are plenty of tools available with different pricing models.

Step-4: Make sure to test your emails before you send them to your prospective users.

Step-5: After testing the emails, use your email marketing tools to send or schedule your campaigns.

Step-6: When sending your email to the target audience, make sure to write an attractive subject line, and keep its copy. Craft a suitable and eye-catchy design for your emails so that your audience may find it interesting. You can experiment by creating a copy of an email with different subject lines and designs. This way, you can analyze which audience opens what type of email, and make your decision on what type of subject line performs best.

Step-7: Perform multiple tests to analyze and implement different ideas.

Step-8: Run a performance analysis (CTR, open rate, response, and rate) and keep optimizing your campaigns. How many people are clicking, how many people are responding to your emails, etc. are some of the questions that you can find the answers for with performance analysis.

Email Marketing Tools

Following are some of the tools that you can use for email marketing:

Online PR

Online PR or Press Release involves working with digital publications, or blogs, or other content related websites. For example, digital newspaper websites, etc.. The aim of working with online PR is to get some publicity on those websites. Publicity can be in terms of brand/product/service awareness, driving traffic to the website, etc.. You can obtain online coverage for your brand in the online space, which can help you in gaining customer loyalty towards your product or service.

The following image shows an example of Online PR website:


Channels that you can use

Following are some of the channels that you can use to maximize your efforts in online PR:

  • Message and connect with the reports on social media that are covering news related to your industry and develop a relationship with them. You can follow the reports and see if they are covering specific verticals or industries similar to what you are offering, then it’s a good idea to reach out to them.
  • You can use engaging user reviews to humanize your brand.
  • You can respond to comments that can help you to generate productive conversations.
  • As a business firm, if your budget permits, you can also hire an Online PR firm that can do all the complicated stuff related to Press Release. You can also reach out to online influencers that can help in promoting your brand product or service.

If you want to perform Online PR activity all by yourself without any external help then you can use a third-party service like You can create your own profile and submit content on it. If you submit press releases, then other news agencies will pick-up those press releases. It’s a good way to get your press releases out there. And maybe, Yahoo or Google might pick-up those press releases and give your brand the visibility on the internet.

You can also use other tools like PR Newswire that works in a similar way to It’s a press release distribution network.

Other Aggregation Sites

There are plenty of aggregation sites that you can use for online PR. These sites help you to disseminate or distribute your content over the internet. They pick up the articles that fit there website theme and target audience. Some of the aggregator websites that you can use are:

You have a lot of options available in the form of third-party tools to post your content. So if you don’t hire an online PR firm that could be expensive, then you can sign-up for any of these websites to promote your particular product or services.

Digital Marketing is surely going to open new opportunities for everyone who is looking to grow their careers in this industry. If you look into the last few year stats of digital marketing industry growth, you will find that it’s only increasing every year. The details mentioned in the article are just some basic information about email marketing and online PR. We’ll discuss in detail about them in the future articles.

So, stay tuned. Give a like if you liked my post and leave a comment describing your viewpoint. I always welcome new ideas.

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