The Business Inside: Top Gaming Stories of the Week

Hey folks… How are you all? For all the gaming community out there, I hope your quarantine period is going well by playing lots of awesome games. But make sure to stay healthy and keep your adrenaline in check. So without any further due, let’s talk about the top gaming gossips of this Week:

1. Mega sale by epic games store


The Epic Games Store launches a huge surprise to all of their fans by starting with a four-weeks mega sale, offering discounts from 50% to 90% on various PC games. Not only that, but you can also buy GTA-V for free for a limited period… Know More

2. A glimpse of Next-Gen graphics by PS5 Tech demo unreal engine 5 gameplay


In the recent events of a few days ago, the PlayStation 5 tech demo showed a stunning display of gaming graphics powered Unreal Engine 5 gameplay. Over the past few months, Microsoft and Sony are slowly revealing the details about Xbox Series X and Playstations 5, but this was the first time that Sony came up with a bang to leave all his fan base in aw… Know More

3. Microsoft not selling 32-bit windows anymore- an end of an era


Microsoft is going to end the 32-bit windows releases for OEMs starting this month. Recently spotted by Neowin, Microsoft released this announcement by outlining the minimum hardware requirements for various Windows 10 builds. But don’t worry, even if you are using a 32-bit Windows, your PC will not stop working… Know More

4. launch of guilty gear strive delayed to 2021


Guilty Gear Strive, the new fighting game by Arc System Works’ was expected to launch at the end of 2020. But now, the launch dates have been shifted to early 2021 for many reasons. The main reason behind this decision is because of the Corona Virus pandemic… Know More

5. EVO Announced online 2020 tournaments, as COVID-19 strikes


As the in-person tournaments will be impossible to conduct for now due to the COVID-29 outbreak, EVO has decided to move to the online platform for conducting gaming tournaments over multiple weeks. EVO is one of the biggest annual events for professional gamers all around the world. EVO 2020 will take place over 5 weekends and will include seven games… Know More

6. Top 5 gaming investors views on how pandemic has shaped the gaming industry recently


As the COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people into isolation, video games are now in huge demand than they ever have been. People need entertainment and video games have been around for decades, proving to be the best source of entertainment. Well, recently, Kevin Zhang (Upfront Ventures), Ryann Lai (Makers Fund), Shanti Bergel (Transcend Fund), Bertrand Vernizeau (Game Seer Venture Partners), and Siamac Kamalie (Skycatcher), the top 5 gaming investors shared their views on how this global pandemic is reshaping MMOs and social games… Know More

7. Acer Predator Now Official SPonsor For PUBG COntinental series APAC Charity Showdown


On May 15, 2020, Acer Predator announced that it has become the official sponsor for PUBG Continental Series (PCS) APAC Charity Showdown. PUBG Corporation and Acer Predator came together to encourage ESports fans to enjoy the competition and maintain the social distance during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic… Know More

8. Pubg mobile India series 2020


PUBG Mobile India announced the starting date for PMIS 2020 i.e., 20th May 2020. The registrations for this event have already started. If you want to participate in this event, then register with your squad till 18th May 2020 on the official PUBG Mobile India website… Know More

9. the U.S. Made a record of spending Billions on Video Games in Just First Quarter of 2020 Alone


In the recent reports, it is seen that American consumers spend around $10.9 Billion on video games and made a new quarterly record of 2020. According to industry analyst NPD Group, it is up 9 percent from the year before. Well, the main player for all this is coronavirus pandemic also, which has kept public indoors since mid-March… Know More

10. AppLovin Acquiring Machine Zone to Expand Its Mobile Gaming Leadership Position


Machine Zone, a privately held company that provides a compelling gaming experience and engaged community to millions of people across the globe is now acquired by AppLovin. In the recent announcement made by AppLovin, they decided to acquire Machine Zone to bring new immersive mobile games to the market. They will also help game developers to successfully market and monetize their games… Know More

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