The Business Inside: Why Do You Need Paid Marketing Tools In 2020?

The world has started to resume their activities, slowly but cautiously. As the businesses will reopen again, they have to make extra efforts to recover the losses they suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the ways is by utilizing digital marketing techniques. As we still have to maintain social-distancing, online marketing techniques will come in handy right now.

To utilize these techniques, you will need marketing tools, free or paid. If you want to speed up your marketing process, you can go for paid marketing tools. There are plenty of options available on the Internet that you can utilize.


Today, in this article, we’ll talk about different types of paid marketing tools that can help you to run your digital marketing campaigns.

Paid Marketing Tools

If you are doing some advertisements on Google or LinkedIn, you probably want to work within those platforms as the tool of choice. Following are some paid marketing ads in digital marketing:

  • PPC Ads,
  • Social Media Paid Ads,
  • Display Advertisements, etc..

Let’s take a look at the paid marketing tools for PPC:

Let’s take a look at the paid marketing tools for Display Advertisements:

Let’s take a look at the paid marketing tools for Social Media Paid Ads:

Why use Paid Marketing Tools for PPC?

Following are some of the reasons to use paid marketing tools for PPC campaigns:

  • It helps you to monitor the performance and traffic rate that your ads receive. Doing so, you can analyze which ad is receiving the most traffic.
  • You can identify the most profitable keywords that are generating good leads for your website. It will help you to classify value for money keywords from poor performing keywords.
  • If you are running multiple advertisements, you can easily monitor them across different locations and devices by using these tools.
  • You can analyze your competitor’s data through competitor spying tools.

Why use Paid Marketing Tools for Display Advertisements?

Following are some of the reasons to use paid marketing tools for display advertisements campaigns:

  • You can identify whether your keywords impression rate, traffic rate, and whether they are gaining customer engagement as you expected or not.
  • Audience insights will help you to reach the target audience.
  • You can improve your ad campaigns by monitoring your competitor’s display ads.

Why use Paid Marketing Tools for Social Media Paid Ads?

Following are some of the reasons to use paid marketing tools for social media paid ads campaigns:

  • These tools allow you to review and relaunch your ad campaigns based on the target audience.
  • You can measure the conversion rate and gain insights on how Facebook users are interacting with your ads.
  • You can target people based on their activities like device usage, purchase intent, interests, travel preferences, etc..
  • With Facebook ads manager you can monitor A/B testing and optimize your campaigns to gain the best results.

Google Ads

You can utilize the following tools in Google Ads from the search side to run your search campaigns:

  • Keywords: You can see what keywords are driving traffic, clicks, and conversion rate. You can also analyze the CTR, impression rate, and how many people viewed your ad after typing the keyword that you are bidding on. It also helps you to measure the quality of the keyword. You can also add negative keywords for which you don’t want your ad to get viewed.
  • Ads & Extensions:  In this section, you can see how your ads are performing in terms of clicks, CTR, etc. You can also pause or activate ads.
  • Devices: Here you can see what devices are driving traffic, from what campaigns to your ads. You can also increase your bid adjustments based on devices.
  • Locations: You can use locations to pause, restrict, or activate your ad in a particular location. You can also change the bid adjustment based on locations.
  • Audiences: In this section, you can analyze what audience type you are targeting. When you run the retargeting campaigns, you are targeting a specific audience. You can analyze what the audience is performing best and can measure against conversions.
  • Demographics: The display network allows you to see demographic data for your display ads campaign. You can see the age-range breakout that Google provides you to analyze which age-group has the most clicks, conversions, etc..
  • Placements: When you click on the Where Ads Shown button in the Placements section, you can see where your ads are showing for the display campaign. You can exclude a particular ad group or a specific campaign. You can take action on a specific placement type like the mobile app, website, etc..

Google Keyword Planner

One of the widely used tools for PPC and SEO is Google Keyword Planner. Using this tool, you can discover new keywords that you can use for your ad campaigns. For the keywords that you already selected, you can get volume and forecast on them. By typing a keyword, it will give you multiple ideas related to that keyword and you can also see monthly search volume for them. You can add the keyword to your plan and can measure the volume you can expect from it.

Once you add the keyword to your plan, you can see how many clicks, impressions, cost, click-through rate, and the average cost per click you can expect to spend.

Google Ads Editor

For search advertising or paid search advertising, you can always use Google Ads Editor. It’s a software that you can download to work on your ad campaigns locally. You make changes to the campaigns on your computer. When you are done with the changes, you can upload them to your Google Ads account. One of the advantages of using this tool is, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same account on different devices.

So, this was all from my side regarding the paid marketing tools. If you use any specific tool to run your paid campaigns, feel free to mention them in the comment section. I would like to know about them.

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