The Business Inside: Future of Digital Marketing & How COVID-19 Crisis will Boost it

The marketing sector has been in an evolution state for the last few years. Now, as the world is dealing with the coronavirus crisis, which has become a massive threat to everyone, digital marketing may take a huge leap during this period.

You should know that the major changes that will come into this industry will affect the whole population and might transform the ways of running businesses. It might not appear effective right now, but the catalyst for significant changes is already laid on.

What’s Our Current Situation?

If you have worked, or have experience of the marketing industry, you will agree to the following situations:

  • Events or seminars that included a huge gathering of people and a considerable portion of the marketing budget for various brands, is no longer as effective as it was before.
  • Marketing budgets depend upon various factors, making them vulnerable, which often gets reduced if the company faces some loss.
  • Facing difficulty to convert prospects into customers.
  • Salespersons are spending more time on their smartphones.

But, there’s a saying that for every bad thing, there’s something good in it. The same is with digital marketing. As the COVID-19 hit out lives severely, people are getting creative, finding new ways to manage their work, and are more connected with each other – than they ever could be.


People are adjusting themselves to work in the online world, finding new ideas to improve the digital presence of their brands. It’s no longer about impressions, clicks, and downloads. It’s about experiential marketing and user-engagement.

Experiential Marketing

No matter what means you use to reach your customers or to improve your consumer base, you have to try each one of them. It could be your webinars, emails regarding discount offers, website, landing pages, virtual environment, or curated content hubs – all you need to do is gain experience and using that experience to engage with customers. It will look:

  • Interactive
  • Interesting to consumer
  • Completely branded
  • Authentic human interaction
  • Multimedia
  • Virtually effective

Every channel or strategy will lead to a different outcome. By offering a lot of digital content to the customer in a single experience, they can easily choose what they want. According to recent studies, people spent more time on screens as they were stuck inside their houses due to lockdown. It has changed the way of using a digital landscape and forging digital connections. it will not only change the change spectrum, but also our lifestyles, attitude, and how we shop or work.

How Digital Marketers should respond to COVID-19?

If you ask me, it is the right time for digital marketing businesses and agencies to come to full force. As people are hardly stepping outside, they are spending most of their time online. It means the chances of them watching ads is higher on social media, which can increase interaction with content creators. So the strategies that digital marketers should focus on are:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Keep the focus on optimizing SEO strategies as various brands will look for search engine optimization experts to improve their presence on search engines.
  • Social Media: You can use social media channels to generate quality backlinks.
  • Website optimization must be prioritized as people look for new updates on the site itself. So, make sure to update content regularly.
  • Focus on ethics and morals: Highlight the agencies that are working ethically when it comes to paying suppliers on time, retaining staff, or helping in any way through content marketing and other sources.

Focus on the significant changes that took place during the crises, and use that data to optimize your digital marketing campaigns and strategies. Personalize your landing pages by including relevant, curated content, and focus on a particular industry, use account, or case. You can track every interaction, and multiple CTAs will allow the visitors to choose the path they want for themselves. The consumers will consider the changes, especially in terms of the needs that include their lifestyle.

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