The Business Inside: New Analytics Report By YouTube To Help Creators Boost Merch Sale

As the coronavirus disaster is not going to end soon, everyone is thinking of better ways to survive daily. On the other hand, companies like GoogleIBMAmazonYouTube, etc. are working on new strategies to help themselves, and everyone else associated with them. In the recent news, it was seen that Amazon is planning to buy some stocks of Airtel as the post-COVID-19 era might hit hard on this telecom company. 

Talking about YouTube, it has added new features to enable its creators to have a better understanding of their channel’s performance. They can also promote their merchandise sale in live-streams. In doing so, YouTube is working hard to boost its COVID-19 fundraising efforts. The newly added channel performance chart in Creator Studio will display the following:

  • No. of Views,
  • Watch Time,
  • Revenue Performance, and
  • Subscriber Count.

It will look like a mini-Google Analytics display integrated with Creator Studio, which will help YouTube creators to have a quick overview of how their channels are performing, along with summary indicators to highlight trends. Channels can also access monthly insights on YouTube Studio.

Now let’s take a look at the information about these new updates-

Non-Ads Revenue is rising

Since the super chat feature was added in the live stream, YouTube has seen a steady rise in non-ad revenue earned by creators. Various channels are earning money from other monetization programs started by Youtube, such as:

  • Super stickers,
  • Physical merchandise sales,
  • Channel memberships, and
  • Super chats.

In May, around 80,000 channels generated handsome revenue from one of the above-mentioned programs. The stats jumped 20% more compared to March, and 40% more compared to January. Super-stickers and super chat are the popular donation tools for YouTube live-streamers. Viewers can donate money to their favorite streamers when they are streaming.

Although super chat is only enabled for limited YouTubers who have a considerable amount of viewers, it has shown significant growth over the last 2 years in its usage. In the last three months, over 2 million viewers bought their first channel membership, super chat, or super sticker. In return, the creator rewards their exclusive members with rewards like members-only chats, videos, etc.. Channel membership is still a new feature, introduced less than a year ago.

See the following video to know more about new YouTube updates-

Monthly Performance Report

YouTubers can view the performance chart of their channel in the monthly performance report that consists of multiple data sets. The report is available in YouTube Studio, integrated with existing monthly revenue and subscribers reports. A new video views analytics feature is also in it. The new dashboard included in the report shows data of 13 months in the form of a monthly bar chart.

Creators can use this report to identify YouTube trends and analyze their channel’s monthly performance. Go to the Channel Overview section in YouTube Studio analytics to view this report, which gets updated at the beginning of every month.

Merchandise Purchases Live Alerts

Live Alerts for Merch” is another feature introduced by YouTube. It will highlight the merch sales made via Teespring in the comments thread of live-stream. The idea is to promote merchandise sales with this new feature that will appear during live videos.

Whenever a viewer purchases merchandise during the live stream, a message box will get displayed, which will be visible to the whole chat room. The functionality is similar to when a viewer subscribes for membership during a live stream, or when someone sends a super chat. This new alert will enable YouTubers to promote their merchandise when streaming, and viewers can show their support for the channel. According to YouTube officials, live alerts for the merch feature has the potential to boost sales of the creator’s merchandise.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns were going on, live-streaming viewing witnessed a huge jump. Due to this, add-on sales and subscription features are also becoming popular among YouTube creators and their audience. These new updates focused on live-streamers so that they can analyze whether there’s value in their brand if they promote it on live-streams. These revenue tools will add a high incentive value to high-profile streamers’ profit. It will urge streamers to do more live broadcasting, which will bring new viewers to the platform.

But before creators enjoy these new options, their channel should fulfill eligibility criteria for monetization.

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