The Business Inside: Paytm Introduces Contactless Food Ordering System At Indian Restaurants

One of the biggest digital payment giants, Paytm on Saturday revealed that it has talked with 10 Indian State Governments to promote touchless food ordering and payments mechanism. Paytm has asked governments to make this a part of the standard operating processes for re-opening takeaway joints and dine-in restaurants. 

Back in April, Paytm disclosed that it has developed a contactless ‘Scan to Order’ in-store ordering solution to help eateries and restaurants prevent physical contacts as much as possible for cash transactions, menu, and billing after re-opening of these businesses. In its statement, Paytm said, “With the government further easing lockdown norms and opening malls, restaurants in non-contaminated zones, the company is having advanced discussions with multiple state governments urging them to make contactless QR-based food ordering part of the standard operating procedure for opening food establishments.” It further added that it plans to approach the rest of the states over the next few days. 

Next Step

In phase one of this solution, Paytm will be onboarding 1 lakh restaurants. It has already partnered with 1000’s of restaurants to implement this solution, but there are no exact details. Paytm Vice President Nikhil Saigal, earlier in his statement said, “We strongly believe that our contactless food ordering solution would not only help establishments get back to business but also save lives as the core idea of this innovative product is based on maintaining social distancing and dining out the smarter safer way.”

The QR code developed by Paytm will get displayed at partner restaurants. Users can scan it by using the Paytm app to browse food-menu and place their orders. It will support the following payment methods:

  • Net-banking
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Paytm UPI
  • Discount Offers
  • Live Order Updates on Paytm App

In doing so, consumers can avoid coming in contact with the menu card, which might be unsanitized and will prevent needless physical contact with others. As things are right now, it is clear that digitalization is the future of the small-medium-large business empire, no matter what type of industry you are associated with.

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