The Business Inside: Second Digital Marketing Mixer To Be Held On June 30

After the success of the 1st Digital Marketing Mixer last month, the event will take place for the second time on 30th June. It will be hosted by one of the successful Affiliate Marketing Experts Lee-Ann Johnstone. This event has created a platform for professional social-networking, which can be hosted in a structured and relaxed virtual environment. As the Post-COVID-19 era will take its effect strongly, the event will provide great support for new and old businesses that are working in the Affiliate industry.

Click here to Register for Digital-Marketing Mixer Party, 30th June, 2020 for Free.

The Zoom-hosted mixer party will take place between 16:00 and 18:00 BST. Earlier, it received fond reviews from all the delegates that joined this session. The event brought together digital marketers, agencies, affiliates, and technology providers so that they can work on speed networking and learn how to promote their services and products virtually. Over 150 iGaming, affiliate, and digital marketing professionals attended the last mixer event on 22nd May.

An Important Event

It is an open platform where social networking professionals can connect at no cost and share their ideas in a virtual hosted event. They will learn continued lead generation within the affiliate industry. The event is 100% free and is open to any vertical. It will be hosted in collaboration with Affiliate Insider,, and iBet Directory.

The host for the event, Lee-Ann Johnstone commented, “The Digital Marketing Mixer is a key event for digital and affiliate marketing businesses to get better connected during this uncertain time. My objective is simple: bring people together to talk, collaborate, and ensure new business and service opportunities continue to thrive and sell. I’ve created this FREE networking event for EVERYONE to benefit from in the affiliate industry to help get new business deals done.”

Sue Dawson from, who also attended this inaugural event last month, said that “The toughest part in this online event was the oh-so-important conversations that take place in the bar, and I was surprised at myself as I was having the same conversations at this event.” 

Lloyd Richman, founder of iBet Directory explained Mixer as a “unique concept that went very good.” He further added, “the event provided all attendees an option to contribute their ideas, unlike other conferences and webinars.”

The event will not only discuss new business and digital marketing opportunities but will also consist of various speed selling challenges and networking games. If you are working in the affiliate marketing industry, or you are a consultant, operator, or an agency, feel free to register for the event. You can directly discuss participation and collaboration ideas regarding your product, program, or service promotion with Lee-Ann Johnstone.

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