The Business Inside: Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020 You Should Know About

In the past few months since the global pandemic hit our world, we saw a lot of changes happening in our lives and the world itself. On one side, nature started to heal itself, while on the other side, we were trapped inside our own houses like a bird in a cage. At the same time, a flip-flop show was going on in the business world. A huge downfall was noticed in the stock market, which made many brands and retailers worried about their future.


Everyone started brainstorming regarding how to address business challenges and what steps they should take to cop up with the post-COVID-19 era. The answer was simple – work on digital marketing strategies to improve brand presence. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the landscape of digital marketing has changed drastically. Even the brands or business owners who tend to avoid spending much in digital marketing strategies realized its importance.

Marketers are easily attracted to emerging technologies such as messaging apps advertising, integrating natural language processing, and voice search. But sometimes, most of the marketing budgets do not have room for such unproven channels.

So today, we are going to talk about 5 growing digital marketing trends that you should start using ASAP to grow your brand presence.

Influencer marketing on the rise

The benchmark report of the Influencer Marketing Hub in 2019 showed that about 92% of consumers supported influencer marketing as an effective way of marketing. Around 83% of consumers agreed that they purchase items after seeing an influencer talking about it. Also, in a survey conducted by Social Publi, it was seen that around 93% of marketers are already working on influencer marketing. It’s because the ROI rate of influencer marketing is better compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, or Content Marketing.


However, the competition level of influencer marketing is also increasing because more brands are jumping into this race. As a result, it has significantly affected the ROI of influencer marketing. But there’s a solution to this problem too. Inside of approaching popular influencers like Kylie Jenner, brands are seeking micro-influencers.

They are individuals with a relatively decent following on TwitterTik TokFacebookSnapchatYouTube, and Instagram. The benefit of micro-influencers is that they have a highly engaged audience. Plus, they have users from specific demographics as compared to someone with 30 million followers. It makes it easy for marketers to target a specific audience. Also, micro-influencers charge less as compared to famous social-media personalities so that multiple brands could contact them.

Video Marketing is the New Medium

According to several reports regarding YouTube viewing, billion hours of worth of videos are being watched every day. Also, YouTube has crossed 2 billion users milestone, which is 1/3rd of the internet. Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, they all support video content, but YouTube is still “video first” platform.

Marketers can create engaging video content related to the brand, product, or service and post it on video streaming platforms to attract more audiences. To make an engaging video, several things go behind the scene, such as:

  • Graphics,
  • Planning,
  • Scripting,
  • Shooting,
  • Editing, and
  • Lighting.

Engage with consumers with Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a very long time. It was one of the original methods used by businesses to reach consumers online and keep in touch with them. But as time went by, it started to fade away during the advent of social media marketing. We all thought that this strategy will die soon as they can get in front of the audience with Facebook and Twitter. But it never did.


As the years went by, new features and platforms were built to support email marketing. It’s making a great comeback with its two microtrends:

  • First, many email providers are constantly working to make this strategy accessible and effective. ConvertKit is one of the emerging players in the ESP space. According to Baremetrics, this new ESP is known to generate over $1.8 million monthly revenue.
  • Second, Substack has given new hope for folks who run paid newsletters. There’s a huge number of audiences who want newsletters from creators who develop the best content for lifestyle, business, fitness, technology, etc..

Using Chatbots on websites

One thing you should know – Chatbots are not stupid. They are AI-enabled programs that can make decisions based on the user’s query and response. According to a study, more than half of all websites are now using chatbots to address the users who visit the webpage, and this number is steadily growing every week.

Although consumers prefer human interaction compared to chatbots, but in terms of user experience and contact us form, chatbots are superior. MobileMonkey is a well-known brand that works on chatbot marketing. Since its launch in 2017, the company has seen sustained growth over the years. You can use this platform to build chatbots for your website.

Machine Learning Transformed PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click, aka PPC, is not a new thing. Almost every marketer uses Google Ads to run PPC campaigns for promoting brand products or services. What changed in this concept over the last few years is the dramatic turn of events in machine learning technology. Such changes have caused various monotonous PPC-related tasks to become a century years old tale. The main reason is, unlike manual bid optimization, the new ad platforms offer in-house automation tools. You can manage Google Ads campaigns with Smart bidding. Also, Facebook’s Dynamic Creative mode allows marketers to test 1000’s of ad variations.

The above-mentioned were some of the marketing trends you need to practice in 2020. This is the 21st century, a new age of doing business and you certainly want to flow with the trend. Practice the digital marketing tools that can help you to scale-up your business and create an engaging audience for your brand.

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