The Business Inside: New Privacy & Security Features Added in Chrome For User Safety

We can’t deny the fact that Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers all over the world. But it’s been targeted multiple times by critics due to its user security problems, data insecurity, and controversial changes. If we talk about the last couple of months, there’s been 2 big vulnerabilities happened with Chrome browser:

  • Back in December 2019, around millions of android user’s data got deleted in Chrome 79.
  • In February 2020, Chrome 80’s high-level vulnerabilities put data at risk because of its deep linking upgrade, which created a big controversy.

Although this time, they’ve tried to put a full-stop to all these issues by rolling out their new update. In the recent blog post on Google’s website, they mentioned the new privacy and security settings added in Chrome.


So let’s take a took at these intuitive privacy and security controls added by Google in its browser:

Incognito Mode Cookies Control

Users generally use incognito mode for private browsing. This mode does not save the browsing history or information typed by the user in form or browser cookies. But this time, Google took the privacy and security control of incognito mode to the next level. In the new update, users can control the third-party cookies in incognito mode. They can decide whether they want to allow third-party cookies, or not. Although Chrome will block the third-party cookies for incognito mode by default, if you wish to allow cookies access for a particular website, then you can do so by clicking on the “Eye” icon on the side of the address bar.

Protection Against Phishing Attacks

The “Enhanced Safe Browsing” security update will help in keeping users safe from malware, phishing, and other web-based cyber attacks. Chrome will do so by sending the web pages and downloads information to Google Safe Browsing to check whether they are safe ort not. When you are signed in to Chrome, then chrome along with other Google Apps that you use further protect against web threats and Google Account attacks. In the future, Google will also add more protection protocols like tailored warnings for cross-product alerts, phishing sites, file downloads, etc..

New Extension Home


A new puzle icon added for your extentions on toolbar. It will help you to keep toolbar clean and give more control over what extension type should have access to sites you visit. With this feature you can pin your favorite extentions to the toolbar.

UPDATEd Security with Secure DNS Lookup

When you enter a website in the address bar, the browser checks which server is hosting that site. It is known as DNS (Domain Name System) lookup. From now one, Google will use DNS-over-HTTPS to encrypt the DNS lookup. It will block cyber attackers from observing what sites you want to visit, thus preventing them from sending phishing websites to you. Chrome will upgrade your browser to DNS-over-HTTPS automatically by default if your current service provider supports it. In the advanced security section, you can configure a different secure DNS provider, or disable this feature also.

Safety Check


Google added a safety check in settings that allow users to secure their data. The new tool will help you in the following ways:

  • It will remind you whether the passwords you want to save in Chrome are compromised or not. And if they are, then how you can fix them.
  • If Google’s Safe Browsing feature is turned off, then Chrome will alert you whenever you are about to visit a dangerous site or download a harmful file, extension, or app.
  • The new safety check tool will also alert you whenever your chrome needs an update. It will keep your browser updated with the latest security protections.
  • In case you install a malicious extension, it will tell you how and where to remove it.

We hope that these new privacy and security features will help in protecting user data and information in the future. Google has mentioned in their blogs that they will be rolling out more security features in the coming months.

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