The Business Inside: Top Gaming News of the Week

A lot has happened in the past week, which I can’t describe in a few words. Indo-China border tension, ‘Black Lives Matter’ still going on, ‘Boycott China’ trending on Twitter, and much more. But apart from this news, our gaming world is on the boom. So, let’s take a look at some of the top trending gaming stories of this week:

1. Sony PS5 Price leaked on Amazon


Last week, Sony revealed the first official look of PlayStation 5 design and its two variants. They also dropped the titles of few games that will support PS5. However, then did not mention its office price and when it will launch. But, a temporary Amazon Frace listing gave us a hint regarding release and pricing details of Sony PS5… Know More

2. FIFA 21 will launch in October with advanced Player Humanization

FIFA 21 is all set to launch on 3 October 2020 with improved player humanization. The game will benefit from Next-Gen gaming console techs like PS5 and Xbox One X. The Player Humanization will make game characters behave more authentically – raging against bad decisions harder, celebrating goals like they are playing for real, etc. Know More

3. Cyberpunk 2077 delayed till November


The release date for a much-anticipated game of CD Project Red’s, Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again. Earlier it was scheduled to launch on 17 September 2020, but, according to developers, it is not yet ready for launch. The new release date is set for 19 November 220 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC version. It is yet to see whether this will affect the game launch plan for Xbox Series X and PS5… Know More

4. Star Wars Squadrons Official Gameplay Footage

After the launch of the teaser trailer this week, EA Sports finally showed actual gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons. It is a first-person space shooter game that focuses on 5-on-5 team battles. You will also get a single-player campaign, in which players can create two pilots: an Imperial one and the New Republic one. The game will launch on October 2nd for PS4, PC, and Xbox One at the price range of $39.99… Know More

5. New ARMS fighter Joining Smash Bros Ultimate DLC


Nintendo is going to reveal several new characters for Smash Bros Ultimate DLC. Although it is not clear when they will be available, you can expect Nintendo to launch new characters after every 3 or 4 months. Right now, Byleth, Terry Bogard, Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Joker, Piranha Plant are available for download. Know More

6. Sony Studios Congratulated Naughty Dog for The Last of Us 2


The Last of Us 2 is finally out, and the developers are congratulating Naughty Dog in their own ways. The game turned out to be a big hit with a touching storyline, better graphics quality, and flexible gameplay. Prominent Devs including Sucker Punch, SCE Japan, Cory Barlog, Bend Studio, and Media Molecule created some crossover art to give their appreciation for the game… Know More

7. New Experimental Room VIew 3D Feature Introduced by Valve


Valve, Oculus, and Sony are known as the giants of the virtual reality world, but they are still far from the mainstream gaming platform. But now, Valve launched the experimental “Room View 3D” feature in their SteamVR 1.13 update. With this, Valve Index headset users will get a more precise representation of their environment. The feature is still under development, which developers promised to improve by taking the feedback from users. Know More

8. KFC Trolls Sony’s PS5 & Xbox Series X with KFCOnsole

While many of us await the release of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, KFC took the trolling to the next level. The famous fast-food brand KFC unveiled its brand new product KFConsole by posting a short teaser video on its Twitter handle. It appears to be a real gaming console, but unfortunately, it’s not real. Know More

9. Apex Legends getting Cross-Play, Coming to Nintendo Switch & Steam later this year


Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will be launching a cross-play for Apex Legends later this year. It will allow players from different platforms to compete with each other. The news got announced during EA Play Live 2020. EA also revealed that Apex Legends will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam in Fall this year… Know More

10. PUBG Patch 7.3 is now live, Esports & Explosions

Patch 7.3 is now live that brings few changes for vehicles and much more. Esports Shop is also coming alongside PCS1’s Pick’em Challenge. PUBG Continental Series 1 is coming on June 25th, so make sure to spend your Esports Points carefully on the in-game Esports Shop for sweet rewards… Know More

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