The Business Inside: YouTube Competing With Tik Tok Over 15 Second Video Format

People have taken quite a liking to short-video streaming formats. Started with Snapchat, this genre has grown a lot since the last decade. And now, Instagram and Facebook are trying their luck at short-video platforms with Lasso and Reels to rival with TikTok. Seeing this, do you think that YouTube will sit ideal?

YouTube is directly aiming at TikTok by experimenting with 15 sec. video format on its mobile apps. It will allow users to create and upload 15-second clips, just like Tik Tok. The multi-segment videos feature currently is available for limited users as it is still in the testing phase. According to the source, the only difference is that multi-segment videos will eventually merge into one 15-second video.

Image Credits Kamal Ganwani from Medium

In the announcement made by YouTube, it mentioned that creators get the benefit of recording multiple clips easily via their mobile app. The company also said that if users want to upload longer videos at one go, then you can do so by directly uploading them from the phone’s gallery. It’s a great tactic to retain users from TikTok by allowing them to upload shorter videos through the YouTube mobile app.

How Does It Work?

Users have to tap and hold the record button for recording their clips, similar to TikTok. Then release the button or tap again to stop recording. You can repeat this process until you create 15 seconds long video footage. YouTube will merge those clips and upload them as a single video after recoding gets complete.

But, there’s a catch. Introducing this feature means that you can no longer record videos longer than 15 seconds within YouTube App itself. Instead, you have to record longer videos through a camera app or any other app you want to use, then upload it from your phone’s gallery to post it on YouTube.

The company has not mentioned any other details regarding the controls and features like filters, AR, buttons, music, short-form workflow, etc.. The TikTok or other short video apps are not famous for the duration of the video content. Editing tools like music, AR, effects, etc. are what makes them so addicting and popular among people. These apps have given birth to the different trends on social media.

Still, it would be interesting to see how YouTube will counter this short-video format popularized by TikTok. It is the first time that YouTube has to mimic the feature set of a rival by integrating it with its own. In 2017, the company launched an alternative to Instagram Stories in which users can create and share casual videos. But it was not meant for the TikTok audience. You can’t create vlogs on TikTok. It only serves the purpose of creating choreographed and rehearsed video content (more like Cringy content). So it included a different toolset and workflow.

Right now, YouTube is running a test run for the feature with a small group of users across both Android and iOS. One of the company spokespeople noted, “They are experimenting over new ways to help our users easily find, share, interact, and watch videos based on their taste. We’ll be running multiple test runs to discover a scalable method of creating short videos. Based on feedback from these experiments, we’ll be rolling out new features more broadly.”

Well, YouTube has to work much harder to get more people using this feature on a regular basis. Or else, it might end up just like its YouTube Stories feature, unpopular and forgotten.

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