The Business Inside: Top-10 Gaming News Of The Week

Hello Everyone! I hope you all doing great and hustling hard to achieve your dreams. And if you aren’t, then stop wasting time and do something productive. Remember, ‘Everyone has Equal Opportunities, that’s up to you what to do with those Opportunities.’ Without further due, let’s take a look at the top 10 trending gaming stories of this week:

1. PUBG Mobile Teased New Map “Livik”

Video Credits VELOCIRAPTOR from YouTube

On the official Twitter Handle of PUBG Mobile, the authorities confirmed that the new upcoming map is called ‘Livik.’ Right now, it is only available in closed beta, but will be soon made available for players in a few days or weeks. According to sources, it would be a small map, and players will not require vehicles to travel, but they can still rush other players, take cover behind, etc.. Know More

2. The Last of Us 2 Made New Franchise Record

Video Credits PlayStation from YouTube

The sale of The Last Of Us 2 has been a big success until now. Song revealed that the PS4-exclusive sold more than 4 million copies in just the first three days after the launch of the game. It is now among the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation 4 games ever, breaking the record of God of War and Spider-Man. Know More

3. Riot Gaming Raising Money for COVID-19 Relief


Do you think that gaming is good-for-nothing? Well, change your thinking before it’s too late for you. When the whole world is struggling to counter coronavirus, gaming communities, enterprises, and gamers all over the world are trying there hardest to make a difference along with medical professionals, civil agents, govt., etc.. They might not be able to help directly, but, indirectly, they are trying to make a difference by raising funds for COVID-19 relief. A piece of news also came from Riot Gaming that they are raising money for COVID-19 relief by selling League of Legends skins for some of the famous characters of the game. The characters are getting a Medical themed Makeover, and much more. Know More

4. A New malware Strain Wreaking Havoc on Windows PCs


Security researchers at Unit 42 discovered a new malware strain, which could be a variant of the old crypto-jacking code. The researchers are calling it ‘Lucifer,’ named by the Malware’s author ‘Satan DDoS.’ They also said if we keep our PC up-to-date with strong passwords and security patches, it can thwart the malware strain. Know More

5. Diablo 4 Update: Open-world multiplayer, Monsters, and Much more

Image Credit Blizzard

Blizzard released some new details related to Diablo 4. In a blog post, the game’s director Luis Barriga revealed that his team managed to make a fully playable area of the game’s open-world called The Dry Steppes. Although the game is yet to reach the Alpha or Beta stage, it was enough to highlight new elements of the game. Know More

6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Releasing this August with Free Demo

Image credit: Nintendo/Square Enix

The new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be a remastered version of the 2003 game. It will debut for PS4, mobile devices, and Switch this August 27, with a free demo that gives you access to online multiplayer and first three dungeons. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite is a demo version of the game that focuses on accessibility. Know More

7. Relax Gaming Collabs with Synot Games


One of the leading igaming aggregators and suppliers of unique content, Relax Gaming expanded its slot offering by integrating with SYNOT Games online casino content. The partnership falls under Relax Powered By Programme, along with 50 HTML5 titles that include SYNOT Games latest releases Rock n Roll Roosters, Sync Spin, and Wild Blooms. Know More

8. The Future of E3 seems uncertain as Publishers blackout from gaming events


Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 has always been the popular annual gaming event for years. But now, it seems that the event is slowly losing its popularity as various famous games publishers pulling away from the event. E3 2020 was likely to take place in mid-June but got canceled due to ongoing pandemic. Sony & Electronic Arts have already pulled away from the event and started their gaming events to acquire more publicity and attention. The challenges for E3 don’t seem to stop, and it’s more likely to grow in the future too. Know More

9. Dell’s New Curved Gaming Monitors are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible


Dell announced its new 27-inch series of curved gaming monitor ‘S2721HGF’ at a price value of $279.99. It is a much affordable monitor as compared to other curved options that support 1080p resolution and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. So if you own a recent Nvidia GPU, your games will run more smoothly with no screen tearing. Know More

10. new Soundtracks released for Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, etc. on Steam


Capcom announced in a post on its website that the company is releasing 13 new soundtracks on steam for Resident Evil 2 Remake, Breath of Fire, Monster Hunter, Shinsekai, Ace Attorney, and much more. The soundtracks will be available in multiple formats, including FLAC, AAC, and MP3. Know More

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