The Business Inside: Is Social Media Making Us Behave Like An Animal In Real Life?

Outrageousness is the second definition of Social Media Activities in the 21st Century. Everyone is fighting a finger-pointing battle on their phones. Believe it or not, but it’s true.

Over the last few years, we are witnessing clashes between different communities, people with different perspectives regarding a situation, etc.. Sometimes, these clashes become so intense that the issue reaches the court hall. No matter which side you stand, the outrage and the blood-thirsty hounds will often find a mistake in 280 characters or less to start their hunt on social media – and that’s a disturbing phenomenon.

Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash

Not only that, but social media also put a dent on our social life. There were times when every family member will get together to discuss what happened with them the whole day. But now, if there are four members in a family, they all will have mobile phones and even if they are eating at the dining table, no one talks. Everyone is busy with their phone and playing clash-n-clash over social media.

Impact of Social Media on Our Lives

You might find it rude but, we are no less than animals right now. The following points will justify this argument:

1. I have got the smartphone I have the power

Most of the people with a smartphone think that they have the power to humiliate, belittle, bully, and hurl abuse. Since the start of the pandemic, cyberbullying has almost risen ten times. The situation has become so worse that people are committing suicide because of that. Is this the human behavior we expect to have? Don’t you think that your choice of shitty keywords might ruin someone’s life? Or perhaps, online platforms are merely framing to what was already there?

2. Where are the Social Skills?

For personality development, it is necessary to hold face-to-face conversations. It will help in learning new social and communication skills. But now, these skills have been removed from our lives, especially from our younger generations. Even a 5-year-old has an Instagram account these days. Most parents don’t have time for their children, so they either give them a smartphone or buy them a PS4 or Xbox so they can play games. As a result, they lack social skills which are necessary for personality development.

3. Gaming Becoming Addiction

Let’s talk about our Gaming Community. A trend of game streaming started a few years back. From kids to teenagers to adults to elders, everyone tried their hands on this platform. As a result, most of the community members become so addicted to gaming that they lost their social skills completely. Some even died from a heart attack while playing games. Locking themselves in the room to play games hours-and-hours, and when someone points out, they say, “We are Introverts.” No dude you are not. You are just addicted to games, like a person addicted to cocaine. Let me rephrase it, ‘your games are the chains, you are an animal, and your room is your cage.’ You have become an animal trapped in its cage who doesn’t want to come outside.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

4. Comparing with others

People compare themselves with others. Whenever we see a relative, a friend, or someone you know the post about their fancy lifestyle on social media, we start to compare our lives with them. Without even thinking, we make assumptions, start seeing ourselves as good for nothing, and become depressed. We have forgotten the famous quote, ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover.’ You never know what’s happening in their lives behind the scenes.

5. Negativity creating hevoc

News travels faster on social media as compared to news channels. Everyone having access to social media platforms, it is humanly impossible now to avoid any bad or negative news and its influence on our lives. Last month, various Indian Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, deleted their Twitter accounts because of the backlash and cyberbullying they were facing after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. We don’t understand that such things can cause long-lasting psychological repercussions, stress, and anxiety on someone.

6. False Rumors Spreading

Can You Count how many fake or false rumors have spread since the very first social media platform got launched? Trust me, we can’t count even if we had a hundred-fingers. Sometimes, these rumors are so creepy that it kills a person. It also causes violence in society. Lately, rumors related to COVID-19 and its vaccine are spreading like a fire, and social media platforms are facing difficulty in removing them. Although Whatsapp has taken steps to prevent the spreading of fake news or falls rumors in society, it’s still not enough.

7. Social Media is a New Battleground

Yes, that’s true. Social media is a new hub of fighting. The only difference is, people here use their fingers and words to fight with each other. It’s like a fight between millions of lions who wants to claim superiority over others. Such users forget every ethic, human emotion, and moral value when they start arguing with others. Death threats, rape threats, kidnapping threats are now a common thing on social media. And women are the most affected community because of such things on social media.

The list is very long, and if we start talking about each and everything, it will become a case study. Don’t you think we are becoming worse than animals? Even animals have the courtesy of behaving well with their likes. It feels like we are going back to the age of Apes, but it would be ‘Modern Age of Apes.’

We are getting Angrier

Scientifically, it’s difficult to calculate whether we’re venting more publicly or we’re getting angrier. According to the report of Gallup Global Emotions, they interviewed 151,000 users in 140 countries and found that users who felt angry have risen. The global average is at 22% currently. Famous psychotherapist and author Dr. Aaron Balick says that ‘the capacity for emotional contagion of anger has increased, so now the anger is crossing populations much easier.’

As an example, the transport assaults for London employees have increased by 25% over the last three years. The RAC’s 2019 Motoring Report listed that 3 out of 10 drivers witnessed physical abuse on the roads.

There was a time when showing anger was a sign of a lack of rational self-control or belligerence. Most people keep themselves under control by keeping a lid on their simmering rage. People believed that righteous anger is only for God and the clergy. But now, being angry is a secular and general thing. Everybody thinks that his/her anger is virtuous. No matter what cause you support, whether it’s eco-activism, Brexit, or feminism, expressing viewpoints with aggression on social media is brave and noble. But is it worth it?

Our boundaries, values, and identities can be assaulted anytime because of non-stop access to social media, news outlets, and smartphones. It has turned us into a tinder box. It’s like a chronicle disease that’s wounding people internally.

How to Save Yourself?

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

There are a few strategies that might help you in some ways:

  • When someone provokes you on social media, instead of replying in aggression, take a step back and see it from a different angle. Breathe deeply and, start counting until you calm down. Then think of a perfect reply which can end the conversation and shut the other person down.
  • If anyone takes your parking space, instead of shouting, muttering, or beeping the horn, reappraise the situation and take control over these angry desires. In case your anger gets out-of-control, then hit your car seat or steering wheel instead of hitting a person.
  • Practice mindfulness. It has shown positive results. Train your mind to see and analyze what’s happening at the moment, without making a scene.
  • Negative emotions are transient experiences. Your heart rate goes up, adrenal shoots up, and you want to react. But if you take a moment to observe your state, you will notice how transient it is, and you can deal with the problem efficiently.
  • The wounds done by words are worse than physical injury. Whether you react to a controversial tweet or comment, verbal aggression can tarnish your reputation, or even worse, it can kill someone. So take a step back, breathe deeply, remove the frustration, and reappraise before acting.
  • Start socializing. Don’t be a frog of a tunnel. You have to maintain a balance between real life and social media life. It’s good that you play games and are trying to become famous because of that. But don’t make its addiction to the point of no return.

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