The Business Inside: Top-10 Gaming News Of The July Month (Week 1)

1. Sony PS5 Pages Go Live on Amazon & Flipkart


Finally, the day has come. Sony PlayStation 5 promotion page went live on Flipkart and Amazon India. It comes with a button to notify regarding more details that are available for users. While other companies are delaying their product release because of the corona, Microsoft and Sony are pressing the matters as-fast-as-possible. Know More

2. Ubisoft Entered battle Royal Arena with Hyper Scape

(Image credit: Hexus)

Battle Royal Arena Games gained a lot of popularity since the very first battle royal game PUBG got launched. And now, Ubisoft is entering this genre with their new release Hyper Scape. It introduces fresh mechanics, which makes it stand out in a crowded space of battle royal games. The company has been working on it for two years to make it stand out with plenty of new things. Know More

3. End of an ERa: Kongregate no longer accepting Flash Games SUbmissions


One of the renowned video game publisher and web gaming company Kongregate will be shutting down its flash gaming service from its gaming portal. They will no longer accept new games, and many other services will discontinue from Jully 22. Although the developers can still update their existing games and users can play existing 128, 655 games available on the service, but there will no more new games. Know More

4. Horizon Zero Dawn Coming in PC Version on 7 August 2020

One of the best games ever known on PlayStation 4, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn‘ now going to launch for PC on 7 August 2020. The game will be available on Steam and the Epic Game Store. It will head-on rival with PlayStation 5 in terms of Graphics quality and Gameplay. Know More

5. A NEw Shadow Warrior Game is COming Soon

(Image credit: Devolver)

Shadow Warrior 2 released in 2016, which according to James was a thrilling looter shooter with bad jokes. Well, it looks like more bad jokes are coming your way. The official Twitter account of Shadow Warrior released a teaser trailer to create assumptions among the gaming community. It’s unlikely that it will be a prank as it’s been a long time since the last game release. Know More

6. Assasin’s Creed Valhalla teased for Ubisoft Forward

It’s been a while since Ubisoft said anything regarding developments for the upcoming Assasin’s Creed Valhalla. But now, things are about to get interesting. According to sources, we can expect new updates regarding the game in Ubisoft Forward digital expo, which will take place on 12 July 2020. Know More

7. Captain America is now in Fortnite

For all the Captain America and Marvel fans, Fortnite brings the new avatar to its gameplay. Captain America joins as a next playable superhero after Aquaman for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. The character is available in Fortnite’s in-game store for 2000 V-Bucks ($20/£13 in real-world cash). Know More

8. Maid of Sker final release date announced

Wales Interactive studio announced that the new horror game Maid of Sker is going to release for Xbox One, PC via Steam, and PlayStation 4 later this month. It is a 1st person survival horror game, which will send you back to 1898 to explore a creepy Sker House. Your mission will be to uncover the horror and mysteries that surround that place. Know More 

9. 17-Year old Punjabi boy spent US$21424.90 on PUBG Mobile


A 17-year old minor boy in Punjab spend $21424.90 (Rs. 16 Lakh) on PUBG Mobile in-app purchases and upgrades. His parents had no idea that he’s using their bank accounts to do such a thing. They thought that he’s busy studying on his mobile while he was busy playing games and spending all their savings. According to media reports, his parents are still in shock as he spent all their future savings in a game. Know More

10. PUBG Mobile Collaborates with Yamaha for new Bike Skin

PUBG Mobile announced a crossover with Yamaha to introduce the new bike skins into the game. The announcement was made on the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile, but they did not reveal the bike skin completely. Also, no further details were given regarding when it’s going to launch. Know More

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