The Business Inside: TikTok Out, Reel In. A Strategic Stroke By Facebook

Right now, every Indian App development company, freelancer, and young aspirants are working day-n-night to fill the void in the short video social media space. Also, the Indian Government is now focusing on building and supporting local brands and manufacturers. The idea is to gain the users who are looking for an alternate of TikTok after Indian Govt. banned Chinese App. And to gain full advantage of this situation, Facebook also launched the Instagram Reel feature in India today. After Brazil, Germany, and France, India became the fourth country to get this feature.

Let us remind you that the Indian Government has but a ban on 59 Chinese Apps over a week ago, including popular short-video making and streaming apps TikTokVigo VideoLikee AppHelo, and Bigo Live. These video making and streaming apps had a user base of 400+ million users.

But now, Instagram’s new feature ‘Reels’ will enable users to create 15 seconds video, use attractive filters, access music library, and share it beyond regular followers. The Vice President of the product, Mr. Vishal Shah said, “Reels is similar to TikTok in many ways. Users can create 15 seconds long video and embed popular trends, challenges, or songs. We realized this idea when our team analyzed that more than 45% of Instagram’s videos are 15 seconds or less. We also noticed that users want to stick the stories for longer and noticed beyond their followers.

How to Make Instagram Reels Video & its feature

‘Reels’ is accessible to almost every user in India right now. Read the data below to know how you can create your own Instagram Reels:

  • To know whether your Insta App received a new update, go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and see if a new update is available or not. If yes, update the app immediately.
  • Open the Instagram camera after updating the Insta Application.
  • Right next to Boomerang, Hands-free, Layout, Live, Story, and Superzoom, you will notice the Reels option.
  • Click on Reels option and choose the Audio from the Music Library. (Facebook Partnered with Prominent Music Labels to provide a large collection of popular songs to Insta users for making creative Reels.)
  • There’s an option to record the original voice along with lipsyncing, similar to TikTok.
  • Users can also add AR effects and access options like Speed to edit videos and Timer. Re-record a video or delete it as per user desire.
  • When a user creates his/her Reel, they can either share it with their followers or with everyone on Instagram. You can also share it to Feed and to Explore and let every Insta user view it.

Users can record multiple 15 seconds Reels at once and can add different effects in each clip. You can even review, delete, and re-record the Reel. Speed-up or slow-down the timer to add an eye-catching effect in the audio or video.

Facebook officials said that it was always in there plan to launch Reels on a large scale. VP Vishal Shah said, “India is a growing market for short-form videos, and Instagram is a crucial part of this segment. We are collecting feedback from our consumers to optimize this new feature even further.” Also, Facebook has shut-down its other short video platform Lasso. It means Reels is the one-and-only ‘short video maker’ right now from Facebook.

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