The Business Inside: 2021 BMW S1000R Launching Soon, JAWA Working on Electric Bikes, and Much More

2020 has been quite a struggling year for almost every sector of the industry. The economy shut down, the decline in sales, businesses shutting down, and much more, the world experienced a tragic picture of the pandemic. No doubt that the COVID-19 impacted our lives severely, but it did not stop the auto-sector from working on their projects.

Let’s take a look at the latest news coming from the auto industry and see what it has stored for us:

BMW 2021 S1000R Ditching Asymmetric Headlamps


The testing of the next-gen BMW motorbike was conducted recently and based on the snaps taken the upcoming liter-class super naked will come with drastic changes in terms of appearance:

  • BMW excluded the asymmetric head-lamps finally. Instead, the S1000R during testing was seen with a single all-LED head-lamp, that looks similar to F900R.
  • The bike has undergone new bodywork, along with a new frame. You might notice a lot of similarities between fully-faired S1000RR and 2021 S1000R in terms of appearance.
  • Expect for the fairing, the S1000RR and S1000R shares the same platform, so the same design is quite obvious.
  • The bike will come with a digital instrument cluster.

Some Features Highlights

  • The bike will feature a 999cc in-line four-cylinder engine, tuned better for road usability.
  • Sports bike lovers can expect a power bumper as the 2021 BMW S1000R engine might produce a 175 hp.
  • The bike will get bits like 6-axis IMU along with Dynamic Traction Control, Cornering ABS, Multiple Riding Modes, and Wheelie Control.
  • According to sources, the new model might feature BMW’s radar-based adaptive cruise control.
  • It’s a next-gen streetfighter that might come with a fully adjustable suspension set up.
  • The bike will lighter in terms of weight compared to previous models.

The latest model of BMW S1000R 2021 will make its debut probably by the end of this year. But in India, it might launch next year. If we talk about pricing, then it’s going to be expensive compared to the current model.

JAWA Motorcycles working on Electric Bikes Segment

According to Autocar India reportsJAWA motorcycles are working on electric motorbike projects behind the scenes. For your information, Mahindra has been working on EVs for many years. But there are still improvements to be made in this segment.

JAWA is working on a model, which will ensure that all its parts are locally manufactured, except for BMS and battery cells. The Battery Management System and battery cells have to be imported from outside. Based on the speculations, the new JAWA electric model might carry the retro-classic design theme, which could be similar to the current petrol-powered JAWA motorcycles. Although, you can expect a little bit of futuristic and modern design aspects as the electric powertrain will be in place. It might host a lot of new features as well.


There’s a little data related to JAWA electric bike right now. The company will take its time before it unveils any information related to the model in the market. If you are a Jawa fan, then you’ll get delighted to know that BS6 versions of JAWA, JAWA forty-two, and Perak have started to arrive at dealerships across India. The process was delayed earlier because of the lockdown and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a little power drop in BS6-compliant units of JAWA and JAWA Forty-two. They will produce 26.2 bhp and 27Nm of torque, which is 0.8 bhp and 0.95Nm less compared to BS4 versions. Both models come with a six-speed gearbox.

On the other hand, the bobber-styled Perak bike comes with a 334cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, that produces 30bhp and 31Nm of peak torque. It also has a six-speed gearbox.

JAWA is internally working on an electric motorcycle unit for the Indian market. The developments are still in the early stages, so the chances are that the company will unveil it in mid-2021.

First-ever Made-in-Greece Hypercar with a Staggering 3,000 Horse Power

The advancements in the automobile industry sector have reached a point where even the startups are coming with the concepts that have the power to break the limits known so far. We also witnessed such a show when the first Made-in-Greece Hypercar was introduced by auto engineer Spyros Panopoulos. The project code-named Chaos hypercar is the next level performance car the world has ever seen, claimed by the engineer.


Features of Chaos Hypercar

  • The car claims to be powered with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V10 engine.
  • It consists of titanium camshafts that enable the car-engine to produce 2,000HP at 11,000RPM.
  • There’s an option to customize the hypercar even further, where it is capable of producing a maximum of 3,000HP at 12,0000RPM.
  • It can zip through 0 to 100 Kmph in just 1.8 seconds, which is faster compared to other hypercars available in the world.
  • The car could reach 100-200 Kmph in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 500 Kmph. Well, if it’s possible to drive this car in India, you can reach from Delhi to Mumbai within three hours.
  • The engineer embedded 3D printed sharp LED taillights, and a low-slung mid-engined design, along with a carbon-fiber monocoque underpinning. It’s because he wanted to decrease hypercar’s weight as-much-as possible.

The Chaos hypercar was supposed to appear in Geneva Motor Show, which got canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So now, Spyros is planning to unveil this high-performance vehicle in front of the whole world soon.

When asked why he chose Chaos as the hypercar’s name, he said, ‘The name goes after the Ancient Greek world, but its not a racing car. Chaos is a city car that you can drive every day but with more sophisticated and high-end performance. Our team wanted to build a hypercar that’s suitable for everyday commute and drivers of all categories. It’s also easy to configure to use anywhere between 500 to 3000 horses.”

Spyros is working with only 22 people, and nine among them are completely dedicated to building this hypercar. We have to wait and see when he plans to mass-produce this hypercar and how large his company expands.

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