The Business Inside: Reliance Jio 5G Plan Announced, Partnered with Google to launch Budget 5G Smartphone in India, and much more

The world saw a lot of strange, tragic, and shattering things happened in 2020. Whether it’s about middle-class, industrialists, government, or a nation, everyone witnessed a glimpse of what an apocalyptic world would be. Worldwide industries shut-down, economy hits the bottom floor, people losing their jobs, and much more, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted everyone’s life dramatically.

But still, the world is functioning, business events are being conducted, innovations are getting launched, and we are adapting to the changes. A business event, Reliance AGM 2020 was conducted recently in which Mukesh Ambani, the world’s 6th richest person, announced that the Jio 5G solution will be ready to deploy till 2021. He said that Jio is ready for 5G trials as-soon-as 5G spectrum gets available.


Highlights of Reliance AGM 2020

  • In the 43rd Annual General Meeting held by Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani announced that the Jio Team created a complete 5G solution from scratch. It will enable the company to deploy world-class 5G network services across India.
  • The company will use 100% locally-made solutions and technologies. Ambani said, “5G will be ready for trials as-soon-as government make 5G spectrum available and will deploy in the field next year.”
  • Ambani further added that Jio is capable of exporting 5G to other operators globally and can easily upgrade its network from 4G to 5G. It is because of Jio’s converged all-IP network.
  • A video played during AGM 2020 shows how Jio plans to implement 5G coverage in India. It includes 5G-connected drones to help farmers improve their crops productivity, autonomous vehicles, blazing fast internet mobile speeds, and remote healthcare services.

Jio & Google Partner to launch budget 5G smartphone and services in India

Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the company is investing Rs. 33,737 crore into the Reliance Jio platform. In a statement, Sundar Pichai said, ‘Jio Platforms and Reliance Industries deserve a good credit deal for the digital transformation of India. The pace and scale with which India is transforming digitally is an inspiration for every developing nation. We think that building products for India first would help us build better products for global users. Google is proud to make this investment into Jio. it is a historic collaboration that will help us to provide access to every Indian who doesn’t have a smartphone and improve the mobile experience for everyone.’


Reliance Jio partnered with Google to launch an entry-level 5G smartphone in India. It will be an affordable 5G phone, cheaper than the newly launched 5G smartphones. With this partnership, Mukesh Ambani became the world’s 6th richest person by replacing Google co-founder Larry Page from the position. Right now, Ambani’s net worth stands at $72.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

With this partnership, both companies will work together to create an optimized Android platform that would work in affordable smartphones. The vision is to create a value-engineered Android-based smartphone OS, that will be a mini version of the current Android OS. The envisioned entry-level Jio 5G smartphone will be operating on this value-engineered Android operating system. No details regarding the features and looks of the new 5G smartphone disclosed in the event.

This move will help millions of users that are using a 2G featured phone to shift to entry-level 5G smartphones. The company says that it will be made possible with the help of Google. Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani said, ‘Google and Jio are like a force for change and innovation. We open-heartedly welcome Google’s proposal on board and will work together to deliver what we can to Indians. We plan to universalize Internet usage and deepen the new digital economy, which would provide a prime-boost to India’s economic growth. We hope that our partnership will play an effective role in the digital transformation journey of India.’

Watch the Reliance AGM 2020 event to know more details

Jio Glass, New JioMart Features, and Much More

In the AGM event, Mukesh Ambani also announced their new product Jio Glass and new features in JioMart. JioGlass is a mixed reality headset for holographic video calling. With this, the company plans to deploy a 5G network in 2021. Jio 5G will get implemented across various industries like mixed reality, autonomous vehicles, blazing fast internet speed, and 5G-connected drones.

The recent partnership with Google will enable Reliance to entry-level 5G smartphones, which would be cheaper compared to the current cost of 5G phones. With Google’s $4.5 billion investment for 7.1% stakes, Jio raised more than Rs. 1.18 Lakh Crores since April after partnering with Intel and Qualcomm, Facebook, Vista Equity, Silver Lake, and others.


JioGlass is a mixed reality headset that will enable users to virtual connect in 3D forms in virtual rooms. Like we see in the Sci-fi movies, a hologram of humans appears in a room, and people start talking to it. It’s the same here, the only difference is, the rooms will be virtual.

Kiran Thomas, at the RIL AGM, said, ‘it’s a cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class mixed reality immersive experience to users. It will allow teachers and students to connect in a 3D virtual rooms and organize holographic classes in real-time via Jio Mixed Reality cloud. The day is not far when the traditional learning methods will become history.


Finally, Jio officially launched its e-commerce platform JioMart across India. The platform was launched in December 2019 as a beta version in 200 cities. It was built over two platforms:

  • Omni-Channel Tech Platform: To connect customers with Kiranas and producers.
  • A widespread physical network to connect every consumer with Reliance Retail.

Currently, Jio is working with WhatsApp to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. The company said that they will provide customers a COVID-19 kit as an introductory offer with the first order.

It’s the first time that an Indian Origin company has taken such a big leap. As the age of digitalization is trending, more and more foreign companies are looking forward to making their way into the Indian market. We still have to wait and see how effective Jio 5G network, its smartphone, and other products would be? One thing is clear right now, no force in the world can stop Reliance Industries from becoming one of the renowned global industry. It is now on the path of becoming next Alibaba and Huawei.

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