The Business Inside: BMW Vision iNEXT – Next-Gen All-Electric, Automated, Intelligent Car

A lot is happening in the automobile industry about which we might don’t even know. In this technology-driven world, car manufacturers like BMWAudiVolkswagenLamborghini, etc. are working on next-gen AI-enabled cars that will reshape the structure of driving. Whether it’s a self-driving car, or a hypercar that exceed 500 mph speed, or a bike that turn-on with a fingerprint scan, there’s a lot to know.


So today, we’ll be looking into an upcoming BMW Vision iNEXT vehicle, and how it will transform the auto-sector to its core.

BMW Vision iNEXT: Next-Gen All-Electric, Fully Automated, Intelligent Car

We all have seen what a futuristic car in a Sci-fi movie looks like. What if those reel life cars become a reality? Well, with BMW Vision iNEXT, that day is not far now. It first appeared in the 2018 Automobility LA. After that, no further updates were given. But now, the news is coming that the company will start building its new technology flagship at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing in 2021.

Vision iNEXT represents the future vehicle’s looks and a technology that drives can trust, so he/she can relax while driving on the road as if he/she is sitting at his/her home. It’s an all-electric, fully connected, and completely automated vehicle that will provide new travel experience. BMW has always worked on projects that focus on visionary driving and safe ride experience for its customers. With Vision iNEXT, they are taking that step even further. This next-generation-automatic car technology focus on four principles:

  • Providing individual connected mobility that focuses on every person present in the vehicle.
  • Giving consumers a new place for quality life where they enjoy driving experience.
  • Integrating a fully connected, all-electric, and automated technology.
  • Shy-Tech, an intuitive technology that decides to provide a safe and aesthetic driving experience.

A Place where you want to be

The car interior got re-envisioned with BMW Vision iNEXT to provide a mobile quality of life. In the concept videos that are available till now, we can see that the interior exhibits the work of fine-woods and hand-woven Jacquard Fabric, along with Alcantara in Purus Rose color. The luxury cars that are available in the market right now consists of a small coffee table made of a hard material of limited length. But in Vision iNEXT, a coffee table appears as if it’s floating in the air. It stretches from front to rear compartment because it’s made of Jacquard fabric that sits upon an illuminated crystal shell.

A car that’s ahead of its time

Not only the interior, but the exterior of the car is also elegant. Anyone who will see this car for the first time would think that iNEXT is ahead of its time. The combination of large surfaces and perfect measurements makes it appear as if it was made from a single piece. On the exterior, Liquid Greyrose Copper material or color changes shades from warm copper to dark rose. The vehicle gives a feeling of dynamic flair even when it’s stationary. The windscreen with a large panoramic roof, interlinked double-kidney grille, blue accents, and the iconic side window graphics makes it stand-out in the crowd. It represents the BMW i-genes in the car.

Shy Tech: Next-Gen Intuitive Technology

The pioneering technologies used in BMW Vision iNEXT makes it practically invisible, but will always be there. For example, the dashboard area. At first glance, you can’t see any displays or buttons in the driver area. The technology focuses more on people, rather than the tech itself. The users sitting in the car will control the surfaces with hands gesture or with the voice. It means you can access digital technologies when the driver or passengers desire to use them. That makes it an intelligent car of the future. Shy-Tech focuses on three segments:


Material that read your needs

The material used in BMW Vision iNEXT can read your fingertips to analyze your needs. When you drive in ‘Boost’ mode, you can operate the controlled display via touch functionality. But if you are driving in ‘Ease’ mode, you can control the wooden surface of the center console instead. Whenever a passenger or driver makes an input, magic like point-of-light will follow the finger, giving a soothing visual effect. Users can control the rear Jacquard cloth with fingers, control music playback with various gestures, etc.. The gestures will come with LED lights effect that glows underneath the Jacquard clothing.

Personal-Assistant always at your side

BMW Vision iNEXT comes with a personal-intelligent-assistant that you can control with a voice command. It gives you complete details about the vehicle’s capabilities and condition, and will also advise if needed. The visionary technology will learn from your driving behavior and adapt itself accordingly. The assistant is interlinked with BMW’s digital ecosystem that allows the drivers to control his/her smart home systems.

Futuristic Beam Projection

If you saw the Ironman or The Avengers movie, you probably know how Jarvis use to project the beam of lights to display objects in 3D virtual space. The same concepts come in the Vision iNEXT, which is a ground-breaking re-invention to transform the modern-screen. The intelligent beam technology will soon replace all the standard display systems currently used in vehicles. For example, a text in a printed book will convert into images, interactive graphics, and moving content. You can control all-of-it with your fingers, the same as how Tony Stark uses to operate in the movies. The technology used is dynamic projection mapping that makes sure the content gets displayed correctly, even though the surface is moving.


A car with Multiple Visions

Adrian VanHooydonk, Senior VP of BMW Group Design said, “The very existence of BMW-i is to generate pioneering, creative ideas that will transform the way of conducting mobility. The company is taking another big step on the journey of transformation to change the perspective of people regarding intelligent vehicles.” Looking at all the features mentioned above, we can say that BMW Vision iNEXT is a dream-car that will reshape the future of the automobile industry with futuristic technologies of modern living space. If we talk about the design, the BMW designers team competed with each other using visualization and hand-drawn sketches. The result, best designs got chosen for the implementation.

Now, we have to wait and see how this next-generation, fully automated, intelligent, and the all-electric vehicle will perform when it’s production starts in 2021 and officially lands in the market.

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