The Business Inside: Buy Manual Cars Before They Extinct, Volkswagen To Built OS For Future Cars

If you are a fan of manual transmission cars, then there’s bad news for you. Over the years, the number of vehicles that have manual transmissions has decreased on roads. As a driving enthusiast, it’s a shame that a true driving style is slowly becoming a lost art. Although the car manufacturers are still making manual transmission cars, there’s a subtle decline in the sales figures over the last few years. People have started to prefer automatic cars over manual cars.

Will Manual cars disappear in the future?

Over the last decade, we witnessed various technological changes in the auto-sector industry. BMW Vision iNEXT, Google cars, Tesla Hybrid cars, Lamborghini electric hypercar, etc., are few projects that we know, and there are plenty more, which we can’t even count on fingers. If we go back for seven or eight years, there was a huge gap between the fuel efficiency of automatic and manual transmissions. Manuals were more fuel-efficient as compared to automatics. But now, these gaps have declined. As a result, we are now seeing lesser and lesser manual cars on the roads.

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

As things are right now, manual cars would be completely gone in the next five to ten years. So if you want to buy one, then buy it before it is too late. Vehicles with a stick shift on a steering column got replaced by the power clutch and stick shift. Before too long, it will also become a lost art. For the true driving enthusiast, it’s a shame to see such a long-lasting practice disappearing before their eyes.

One of the reasons for such things to happen was because people now prefer multi-tasking. When people were asked for the reasons to shift to the automatic transmission, they said, it gets in their way of driving. Some people prefer eating while driving, so when they have to change gears, it’s a big hassle. The reason was the traffic. When stuck in traffic, drivers have to shift quite often, which affects the engine’s performance and pains the wrist of the driver.

Reasons to buy Manual Car right now

Insurance costs might reduce

It’s a well-known fact that text-driving is a crime because it’s a situation where we put our and other persons’ lives at risk as it increases the chances of wrecking. When a person drives a manual, he/she has to focus one hand on the steering wheel and another hand on shifting gear. In the future, there would likely be a study conducted that will show the drivers who drive manuals shows fewer chances of accidents as they don’t get distracted with text-driving. It will most likely decrease the insurance costs of vehicles with manual transmissions.

You should know how to drive manual

When you go to a driving school, you will always be taught to drive a manual. It’s because you have to learn the basics of driving. People who self-taught themselves probably starts with automatic transmission. The result, they don’t know how to drive manuals. There are situations when only a stick shift vehicle is available for use, and if you don’t know how to drive it, you’ll cause a wreak for sure. No matter how much you try to escape, the time will eventually come when you have to drive a manual car. So, learn before it’s too late.

Manual Cars will become expensive eventually

Soon enough, companies will stop manufacturing everyday vehicles with manual transmission. Only hypercars, supercars, racing cars, or the ultra-expensive sports cars will come with stick shifts. If we talk about figures, then since 1995, the manual transmission car sales declined by up to 86%. And this trend is going to continue as more upgradations will be done in automatic transmission technology. Eventually, the stick shift will be available only for expensive vehicles, and you have to pay hefty sums if you want to enjoy the thrill of pure driving pleasure, which only exists in a stick shift.

Manual transmission is more fun than an automatic shift

You can’t rev an engine with an automatic transmission while stopping on the stoplight. This pleasure is only available with a stick shift that a driver has control over. When the lights turn green, you shift to first gear and pace up your car for a perfect launch, that feeling of self-satisfaction is out-of-this-world. There’s nothing wrong if you are fully engaged when driving. There’s still a chance for you to purchase a stick shift car to witness the true driving experience.

Manual output more power than automatic

If you drive an automatic transmission car, you probably would have noticed that when driving on hilly roads, the vehicle exhibits a huge power drop. We can’t say anything about luxury vehicles, but in regular automatic cars, that’s still an issue. When you control gear shift by yourself, you can better judge on which gear the car needs to be driven when going upward on hilly roads. In the case of an automatic transmission, it is not possible. That’s why automatic cars output less power on hilly roads, compared to stick shift cars.

Volkswagen in talks with rivals to built OS for Future Cars

Christian Senger, IT board member responsible for digital services and software, said, “Volkswagen is talking with its rival carmakers to build an operating system dedicated to the car of the future.”

As the demand for automatic driving is increasing, carmakers have to link up radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras and integrate them with steering and braking components. And trust me, this whole procedure requires the thousands of lines of software code. Senger told Reuters, “The race to create automotive OS has already begun. Many non-automotive players have landed in this area and raised the competition bar.”

Thomas Ulbrich, one of the board members of Volkswagen, said in March, “U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla is 10-years ahead than its rivals when it comes to developing software and building electric cars.

There’s likely to be fewer automotive operating systems than carmakers in the future. We can’t control the operating system on ou own. We have to define its core and include open-source components to raise the standards. It will eventually create more partnership opportunities,” – says Senger.

Volkswagen wants to adopt an open-source approach where it partners with rivals to develop a dedicated car operating system. Right now, it’s an unimaginable opportunity for traditional carmakers, but it’s a key breakthrough opportunity,” says Senger.

Volkswagen launched an independent unit ‘Car. Software’ in January 2020, whose responsibility is to develop lies of code. The team consists of 3000 digital experts and a budget of around $7.8 Billion. The target is to acquire more than 10000 software experts by 2025. “We received requests from various carmakers to participate in the project. Also, Volkswagen was talking to many companies regarding the same. We are currently reviewing the requests and looking at the opportunities. VW is about to create a new system that will replace the legacy software from rivals,” said Senger.

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