The Business Inside: Asus Rolled-Out ROG Phone 3 with Snapdragon 865+ Chipset, 6000mAh Battery, Bundles Cooler

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is finally out, and it’s adequate to call it a gaming PC, or closest to a gaming PC. It comes with different gaming styles accessories, and everything is customizable. You can control the throttling threshold and chipset’s clock speed, tune the network to prevent game lags, control screen, and audio settings for the optimum experience. Even the charging is customizable.

Image Credits: Android Authority


Now let’s take a look into some of the interesting features and specifications of the new Asus ROG Phone 3:

  • The smartphone contains a new Snapdragon 865+ chipset. There’s also a Strix Edition that has a non-plus version of the S865 chip.
  • S865+ CPU can hit up to 3.09 GHz, and overclocking could bring 10% performance improvement compared to vanilla Snapdragon 865. It supports Wifi-6E that works in the 6 GHz band offering both, lower latency and more bandwidth (sub-3 ms enabled).
  • RAM – Starts from 12GB, which goes up to 16GB if your budget allows it.
  • Storage – Starts from 128GB, expandable up to 512GB.
  • The Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix Edition comes with 8GB RAM and storage capacity of 128GB, which goes up to 512GB.
  • Both phones will have LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage.
  • The main highlight of ROG Phone 3 is AeroActive Cooler 3. At the back, there’s a vent that allows the fan to blow the heat out of the fone. The enlarged copper heat sink is 6-times larger compared to ROG Phone 2. It’s vapor chamber got redesigned as well. [Note: ROG Phone 3 is not water-resistant. So make sure not to drop it in water even by mistake.]
  • The reason for including vent at the back is to enable chip hit 144 fps. It’s 6.6″ AMOLED screen can go up to 144Hz refresh rate. You can also choose between 120Hz, 90Hz, and ‘auto’ that picks an efficient setting based on the task you are performing.
  • There are three versions offered by AudioWizard for every ROG headset – 3.5 mm jack, USB, and wireless headsets. (There’s no audio jack on the phone this time.)
  • Battery: 6000 mAh with 30W fast charging over USB power delivery. Asus claims that 45 minutes of charging can charge your phone to 4,510 mAh, which is 70% of the total capacity.
  • This time, the user gets full control overcharging. You can set the max charge cap to 80% or 90%, and can also limit charging speed to 10W, schedule the overnight charge, etc.
  • Asus finally included a third camera on the ROG back, which is 5 MP macro cam. The main camera upgraded to 64MP IMX686 that supports lossless 2x magnification at 16MP resolution. There’s 13MP ultra wide-angle shooter second camera with an angle of 125 degrees. The front camera is 24MP.
  • You can record 8K video at 30 fps or 4K video at 120 fps with the main camera. There are two video modes: HyperSteady and Wind Filter mode.
  • Asus ROG Phone 3 will comprise of Android 10 OS with two launches – Zen UI and gaming-inspired ROG UI. Both modes come with internal optimizations to offer you the best hardware capabilities.


  • 12GB RAM with 512GB storage: €1,000 (INR 86,602.40, USD1,157.67). You have to pay exta €100 for 16GB RAM setup.
  • 8GB RAM with 256GB storage: €800 (USD 926.14, INR 69294.40).
Image Credits: Technology Shout


  • ROG Kunai 3 Controller: It has two detachable halves with the analog stick and various buttons. You can dock these halves to either side of the phone, or attach to the Kunai 3 charger to form a console.
  • This time, there are detachable grips included making it easy to carry the Kunai controller.
  • TwinView Dock 3: It now matches the screen size of the phone that will give you a 144Hz refresh rate. If you have 2nd-Gen dock, you can use that too, but it’ll only output 120Hz refresh rate. TwinView Dock 3 has 5,000 mAh battery to extend the playtime. You can use it with games that support dual-screen or use it to monitor chat during streaming.
  • ROG Lighting Armor Case 3: The new case comes with an optimized design. At the back, the ROG logo lights up, which is fed by an RGB LED, and you can sync it with X-Mode to animate live wallpapers on the screen.
  • The professional dock breaks into several USB ports, Ethernet ports, and an HDMI port.

You should know that the Asus ROG Phone 3 is landscape mode focused. The aim is to provide a premium gaming experience for users. It might lack in some areas compared to Lenovo Legion Phone, but it’s still one of the powerful gaming phones to date. Asus also included Dirac to tune the speakers, reduce cross-talk, adjust frequency response curve, and impulse response. There’s also a per-game equalizer to tune-in the audio separately. DxoMark also ranked ROG Phone 3 in second place after Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. It scored 75 scores in the test that involves performance measurement in terms of built-in microphone recording, and playback audio quality through speakers.

In conclusion, ROG Phone 3 far exceeds its previous models in every category, which will change the mobile gaming experience completely. Right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gaming marketing is on the boom. So, most of the gamers would probably look for such smartphones to try their hands in mobile gaming, or to upgrade their device. We have to wait and see how well it will perform in comparison to its competitors.

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