Lamborghini showcased Essenza SCV12: A 830+ Horsepower Limited-Edition Tracer Bullet on Road

As the COVID-19 pandemic is not going to end any time soon, it’s not stopping car manufacturing companies from revealing their trump cards. Although various companies faced huge losses in the first quarter of 2020, it doesn’t mean the world has ended for them. The market is slowing gaining its pace, and consumers are looking for great deals over their favorite vehicles.

Everything aside, let’s talk about the supercars segment. One of the renowned automobile company, Lamborghini showcased an extreme version of the Aventador. The Squadra Corse motorsport division unveiled the Essenza SCV12 on Wednesday, revealing that 40 examples will be available for production.

Developed by Squadra Corse and designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile, Essenza SCV12 is a direct descendant of Diablo GTR and Miura Jota. The car exhibits the power of 848 horsepower, considered one of the most powerful V12 engines, all set for racing arena alight.

Key Highlights

  • According to sources, only 40 units would be available for production. Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 will be a super-exclusive hypercar that focuses on the premium driving experience.
  • Its aerodynamics based on racing prototypes – would cut through the wind like a jet to bolt ahead. Front hood comprises of double air intake with a central rib, similar to Huracan racing cars. It will separate the hot airflow that comes from the radiator and transfers the cold air to the air scoop placed on the roof.
  • There’s also a splitter and two lateral elements attached to the front on both sides. The engine flow and gearbox cooling got their optimization from vertical fins fitted on the side sills.
  • Not a single body part is common to the Aventador, and even the interior is brand new. All the key elements that focus on aerodynamics are meant to keep the car glued to the track. According to Lamborghini, Essenza generates 2645 pounds of downforce at 155 Miles/Hr. Or even more, compared to GT3 racer.
  • The turned Aventador’s 6.5 Liter V12 engine output 830+ horsepower. It also includes a Capristo exhaust system.
  • The large and adjustable double-profile rear wings will further enhance hypercar’s aerodynamics and will enable it to perform the best of its abilities.
  • The new X-trac sequential 6-speed gearbox is mounted within the chassis, and the exhaust pipes designed by Capristo will reduce the backpressure. It would improve performance and give a unique sound to its engine. The push rod suspension instslled directly on the gearbox.
  • Essenza SCV12 exhibits next-gen carbon fiber monocoque chassis, which is without an internal roll cage. Due to this, Lamborghini was able to keep the power-to-weight ratio to 1.66 hp/kg. It will be the first GT car that will follow FIA prototype safety rules.
  • Magnesium is used to make wheels. The front wheels measure 19 inches, and the rear set measures 20 inches. Pirelli developed a bespoke set of slick tires, and the Brembo brakes are responsible for stopping power.
  • The design of the steering wheel is from F1 single-seater steering wheels, but it’s multifunctional. There’s also an FIA homologated OMP seat with carbon shell to ensure driving comfort, stability, and safety.

The last V-12 Lamborghini

In the showcase event, Lamborghini confirmed that Essenza would be its last V-12 hypercar without turbocharging or electrification used to boost power. The company also confirmed that the Aventador replacement, which will be introduced in 2022, would be a plug-in hybrid.


The automobile industry is working on new solutions to tackle future fuel needs. And right now, Tesla is on the lead. Last year Lamborghini also showcased its electric version of supercar, but there’s still time for it to make a public appearance.

A lot of work has been done on kinematic solutions of Essenza SCV12 to make it agile and stable. Its striking design, agility, power, and stability are enough to make a speech courtesy in the hypercar segment. The structure of the bodywork is based on three elements to make quick replacement possible during pit stops.

The bodywork gives the feeling of 1970’s prototypes, yet the Lamborghini’s DNA, like the hexagonal geometry used on front headlights, and the air vents that frame the steering wheel and roof air scoop make it eye-catching.


As only a few models will be available for purchase. Those who will own Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 would automatically become an exclusive club member. It will give them access to special programs where they can drive their hypercar on the most popular circuits in the world. From 2021, there will be an “arrive and drive” event, where professional races like Five-times Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro would be present for coaching.

The owners can also store their hypercar in Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy when the cars are not on the track. The company also made a new hangar, especially for Essenza SCV12 owners, dedicated to the customer driving program. Every car will get a separate bay, and each bay would have a webcam, that will allow owners to monitor their hypercar 24 hours using an app.

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