The Business Inside: Five Technologies that are Reshaping the Digital Marketing Structure

Right now, as we speak, technological advancements are already transforming our world. It’s the same as for the marketing or digital marketing landscape. To say that these transformations are occurring due to ongoing COVID-19 crises would be so overrated. They were happening way before that, but it took a pandemic to realize those changes. Industrial experts were talking for years about the future shift of business, and most of the industries already upgraded their business models compared to the majority that was still using traditional ways.

And then, global crises hit and changed all the structure of doing business. People stuck inside their homes, work from home became a new culture of doing work, online shopping became more frequent and much more. It forced everyone to move to digital platforms if they had to survive this critical shift.

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

Future of marketing

If we talk about the digital marketing future, then augmented reality would be a hot topic among influencers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. You can say that virtual beings might take over the near future of marketing. Recently we saw that Reliance JIO launched the JioGlass that will change the perspective of viewing virtual reality. According to sources, it would allow users to hold virtual business meetings, online classes, etc..

You can say that video conferencing platforms like Zoom will become a thing of the past when such technologies get implemented on a larger scale. Imagine what will it feel like to view your home office makeover in augmented reality or to see your virtual copy. There’s more. You can also use it in your webinar, Facebook Live, etc. It might become a reality soon enough.

Thanks to the pandemic, companies started to upgrade their digital marketing strategies also. Well, it was bound to happen shortly. But thanks to the COVID-19 disruptions, social distancing, and diversity movements, digital marketers got a chance to face new realities much sooner. In the last few months, everything from micro-messaging to platform targeting to virtual spaces to digital creators – has completely shifted marketing from north to south.

New Realities in Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and Virtual Beings are some terms that digital marketers have to become familiar with in the post-COVID-19 world. Many organizations are working on the next generation of marketing strategies to make it easier to market, engage, teach, and communicate. Here’s how these technologies will link with digital marketing:

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been around for over the decade now. It means overlaying content on a video or photo in the form of filters, effects, etc.. Snapchat filters and Instagram Filters are good examples of it. In digital marketing, it enables us to overlay visual content within our existing environment via devices such as glasses, or through apps like Insta or Snapchat Filters.

Machine Learning

It refers to the human intelligence simulation that’s programmed in machines to think and perform actions like humans. Imagine and R2R2 robot from Star Wars cooking hamburgers in White Castle or holding a two-way human-like conversation to advise on a healthy diet via messaging.

Mixed Reality

Also known as Spatial computing, you can refer to Mixed Reality as a hybrid version of a combination of a virtual environment and a real environment. Soon, it will enable us to send a holographic version of documents like a press release, marketing campaign details that can be viewed at the receiver’s side as a hologram.

Virtual Reality

In simple terms, a computer-simulated and video environment that creates a virtual space of things around is known as Virtual Reality. If you think that this technology is all about VR gaming with a headset and processor, then you are wrong. Think of your avatar holding a meeting with a co-worker’s avatar in a virtual room that represents your company’s board room. How cool is that? Reliance JioGlass is a great example of it. Work is being done to make this functionality scalable, reliable, and accessible for everyone. It will give the user a feeling of actually present in that environment, although they are not physically there.

Virtual Being

If you have played a sci-fi game, you might have seen a character, that’s not real, but it’s holding a two-way conversation with your player. Well, the whole game is not real, but in the game, that being is not real for our character. It’s a virtual being that’s capable of holding a two-way emotional relationship. In the future, it’s going to become a common practice in organizing marketing campaigns.

Marketers and brands can create a virtual being to use it in their influencer marketing strategies. It will be a computer-generated personality, programmed to support your buyer persona.

The next-generation digital marketing strategies might arrive sooner than you think. Now the question is on you, “Are you ready for such unrealistic change?” Believe it or not, these technologies will take over digital marketing. All we have to do is upgrade our skills, invest time in learning them, and practice.

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