The Business Inside: Why to focus on New Strategies that will transform the Digital Marketing Paradigm

Marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and various other organizations are already working on the next generation of marketing strategies to open new opportunities. Since the COVID-19 virus is not going to end any time soon, enterprises have to adapt to changing business culture and consumer’s buying behavior. Over the past couple of months, the following technologies that can reshape the structure of digital marketing are in talks among professionals all over the world:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Being
  • Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning
  • Mixed Reality

Why ARE New Marketing Realities so important?

That’s the question that everyone keeps asking. Why now? Why is it necessary to learn these technologies right now? Well, for your information, businesses are already working over parameters that will get deployed in the post-COVID-19 era. And to know more briefly, look at the following points:

Your customer engagement level will determine the service level

In this era of quarantine, infection, social distancing, and beyond, using VR and AR will make engaging with your audience more accessible. Holding virtual seminars, concerts, augmented tours, fashion shows, webinars, etc. will allow brands to educate, inform, entertain, and launch without having a physical audience. Like Fortnite did a couple of months ago by holding virtual concerts of Travis Scott in the game. Social networks will be a great platform to virtually connect with the audience. It can attract millions of attendees, and you can share everything regarding the product, service, or answer queries of your audience.

Building Relationship

Engaging or connecting with an audience is about understanding their needs and building a close relationship. Why would an interactive fitness company, Lululemon buy MIRROR?

According to experts, the Future of Fitness or any industry is about connecting with customers, creating meaningful content, the keyword immersive relationships, and gaining loyalty. Cathy Hackl, the author of the upcoming book “The Augmented Workforce” and Futurist AR/VR tech expert, said: “During COVID, I’ve indulged myself in meditating and working out with my MIRROR. This tech allowed me to experience a glimpse of fitness future and AR, and how its adoption paced up during the pandemic. If Lululemon can turn it into the sales channel to offer personalized workout recommendations and gear, it’ll be a worthy investment.

The E-Commerce Revolution

Right now, it’s not safe for anyone to go to the mall for shopping or hangout. In such a situation, AR, VR, and social sites like Snapchat, Instagram are very useful. Although the global pandemic impacted business at the start, it also gives them an opportunity to utilize augmented reality in running marketing campaigns, and power to upscale without jeopardizing consumers’ safety.

Not too long ago, Gucci launched its first shoe-try-on lens in collaboration with Snapchat by utilizing the style and powers of augmented reality. Users have to scan the promo shop code to get access to try-on latest footwear fashion trends.

3D & Immersive Storytelling

You might think that we are over-exaggerating new marketing technologies but think again. Facebook is already experimenting with immersive content. You might have noticed the new Theme look of Facebook that they recently launched. It’s eye-catchy and attractive. If you want to stand out in the feed, then try using panorama images or 3D images to turn into 360-degree images on mobile. If you have seen the National Geographic channel, you might have noticed that they are already taking steps towards AR by climbing the world’s highest mountain with the usage of immersive storytelling and AR.

Digital marketing is an empire that’s evolving and growing with time. You have to stay updated, analyze the business trends, grab the knowledge, practice it, and implement it yourself. The new age of business has already begun. It’s the right time to upgrade yourself if you want to survive the competition that’s standing at your door.

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