The Business Inside: Five Ways You Can Utilize New Marketing Innovations of AR, VR, Etc..

We already discussed the new marketing realities that are going to transform the current digital marketing structure. Then we also mentioned why we need those parameters in the current age of business. And today, we will look into how we can use those realities of AR, VR, Mixed Realities, etc.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

5-ways to utilize new marketing realities

While technologies are making an impact on the global life standards of everyone, businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. are also looking for ways to maximize their reach and engagement with the audience. For making these tasks easy, the next-generation AI techniques are going to play a key role. How so? To understand that, let’s have a look at the following points:

Humanize your brand with VR & put life into it

Believe it or not, Virtual Reality is the next phase of live video sessions,” says Navah Berg, Social VR expert & host of The Hive VR. The technology more real, raw, and gives being there a type of feeling, which somewhere lacks in two-way video calls we do right now. As time passes, VR will become a new marketing reality, where virtual people will be the center.

Recently, the WHO also launched a campaign to help users quit tobacco use. For that, they are using a virtual health worker named Florence. The officials of the World Health Organization said on their YouTube Channel: “Users can ask Florence for advice and trust it as a reliable source of information if they want to achieve their goals of quitting tobacco.”

Start working on Augmented Technologies and Virtual Spaces

There are plenty of ways to upscale your marketing powers and inspiration with the help of AR & VR. You might have noticed on Instagram and Snapchat too, how influencers us different lenses to promote a brand or product. Start exploring platforms such as Mozilla Hubs, AltSPaceVR, Rec Room, etc.. These platforms allow you to host conferences, attend a workshop, hold a social meet up, take yoga class, and much more.

Have a backup for Crisis Communications

Who would have thought that one day the earth will encounter a deadly virus that will bring every industry to its knees? But, it was because of the COVID-19 crises that business industries all over the world felt a need for new models. A company called “Live in Their World” is using VR to enable users to experience workplace scenarios in which inequity, incivility, and bias arise.

It brings us to the conclusion that Virtual Reality might be the answer we are looking for to upgrade our teaching methods. PwC also launched a ten-month study program after analyzing the importance of VR for soft skills training. According to reports, it’s faster and easy to train VR leaners, they are more emotionally connected, focused, and confident as compared to e-learners or classroom.

Keep your Organization’s Promise in front of the Audience

Admit it! Every brand has its promise and causes to hold onto, which can’t be comprehended into realities. But with AR and VR, it can be possible. Using immersive technologies would help brands to build consumer loyalty and give power to the organization’s teams to communicate better.

From helping next-generation in learning augmented reality to using robot divers to save coral reefs, to superimpose quirky faces to check climate change, everything is about utilizing immersive technology. Berg says, “Such experiences can help in creating empathy to better engage with the audience and talk about brand mission and promise.”

Upgrading Social Media Relations

If you deal with public relations and digital marketing practices, then Augment RealityVirtual Reality, and Machine Learning will help you in the line. AR and VR are becoming a new journalistic normal for reporting news, experiences, and storytelling, which will also shape-out our brand’s image and social media relations.

For example, using machine learning for list building and research. These are redundant tasks in media relations and communication. Implementing machine learning on your website newsroom to build a segmented relationship with website visitors.

In influencer marketing, a digital person can become an influencer spokesperson or a web series host. Augmentation can enhance and bring an overwritten and visual communication message to life. The very first holographic press release got launched in 2018 at a PRSA conference. At the event, Hackl used AR technology with Snapchat and Facebook to present the world’s first hologram of a press release.

If you also want to integrate AI into media relations or marketing structure, use the Crystal platform. It will give access to personality insights with which you can build stronger relationships in public relations, marketing, and sales.

Local SEO Techniques

Using local SEO techniques to make places searchable in augmented reality via phone is something you should consider. Users will use the camera to search for the location instead of a browser. You have to ensure that your business gets optimized on local platforms like Google My Business and Yelp to enable it for local SEO and augmented reality.

Right now, Google is using AR in Maps for the “Live View” feature that navigates you to your destination. Larry Page, Founder of Google, said: “AI will be an ultimate version of Google. The search engine would better understand queries and deliver the right thing to you. Right now, we are nowhere near it. However, we are getting slowly closer to that.”

Influencer Marketing

Do you remember the KFC campaign in which they created an AI version of Colonel Sanders jet-setting around and negotiating with other virtual influencers?

Well, critics are everywhere, as some called it fake, while the majority of people believe it was brilliant and attracted publicity from top tier publications like PR Week, Mashable, and Ad Age.

On a side note, we should start working on next-generation digital marketing practices as-soon-as we can. Otherwise, it’s your choice. Either you grab it, or you leave it.

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