The Business Inside: Indian Automobile Industry towards Digitization, BMW S1000RR New Shade, and Much More

Digitization is happening in every sector, whether it’s business, healthcare, or education. And now, the Indian automobile industry is taking this step even further with Augmented Reality and AI-based technologies. Many big brands are practicing online vehicle buying modes and contactless in-car experiences to enable buyers to have a virtual touch of the vehicle before purchasing. Audi, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Skoda are day-by-day progressing by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Not only that, BMW recently made some changes in the color theme of its S 1000 R and updated it to meet the Ero 5 emission regulations.

Also, made-in-India KTM 200 Duke is all set to get launched in the US market. It’s going to be the cheapest KTM model that will be available in the American market. It will open new doors for the Indian bike manufacturing industry for exports.

Audi RS7 Sportback

Let’s take a closer look into these stories:

Indian Auto Industry One Step Closer to Digitization

Not only digital marketing, or healthcare, or education, augmented reality, a.k.a. AR is also transforming the auto-industry in various ways you can’t even imagine. For example, Audi is using AR technology to fill the gap created by limited human interactions that’s remained untouched until now. The German car manufacturer recently launched Audi RS7 Sportback in India worth Rupees 1.95 crore. And like others, the company was also facing problems due to the COVID-19 and social-distancing. To fill this void, Audi launched its AR experience program to provide a 360-degree product view to enable buyers to analyze tech specifications and customization options. You can visit the, then scan the barcode and see for yourself the Audi RS7 Sportback in a 360-degree view.

Health is one of the primary factors in every business. Directly or indirectly, every business tycoon is dealing or planning to invest in this sector. So keeping this theory in mind, Skoda Auto India equipped its Karoq model with iBuzz Fatigue Alert feature. It will detect any signs of fatigue that driver has and notify him/her to rest for a while. For example, if you start to feel dizzy or lose concentration while driving, the system will automatically advise you to stop and take a break. The brand also launched Skdoa contactless program to increase its sales and build strong relationships with its customers. You can visit to check the details. There’s an online demo features portal for prospective buyers that will undergo via video conferencing. You will get live sale consultation, contactless virtual demonstration of vehicle, and features details. Also, you can check the Myskoda Mobile App to know more.

Similarly, BMW also started its contactless experience to provide a digital-first purchase service to its customers. It consists of all the benefits that a brick and mortar dealership could offer. BMW also partnered with Apple to provide a digital car key facility. It will enable iPhone users to conveniently and securely lock, start, and unlock your BMW.

Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Cambridge developed a contactless touchscreen to tackle viruses and bacteria transmission problems. The officials of Jaguar Land Rover said: “The patented technology, Predictive Touch works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Sensores that predict user’s target module on the touchscreen – without touching a button.”

There’s also MG Motor India’s Hector Plus ‘Chit-Chat’ feature that allows the driver to converse via an AI-based voice assistant system. The car also has a smart swipe feature to allow drive open the boot by swiping the leg.

BMW S1000RR New Color Shade

The 2021 BMW S1000RR will meet Euro 5 emission regulations, and come in a new black storm metallic color shade. The new color option features all-black bodywork, a black subframe (plastic as well), replacing the racing red non-metallic color scheme. Another color shade option is Hockenheim silver, which will be available in the base model.


There are no updates regarding the technical specifications of Euro 5 BMW S1000RR (right now). But according to sources, the new 2021 model can be upgraded with aftermarket parts from the BMW M Sports Catalogue. The package includes upgraded folding brakes, M titanium exhaust, and break protectors, along with engine protectors and footpegs from the M version. Based on the performance chart of the auto-sector right now, we can expect S1000RR to launch globally within the next few months. As for India, it will get launch in early 2021.

Indian made KTM 200 Duke will probably launch in the US Market

The Indian made model of KTM 200 Duke will probably get introduced in the US market within a couple of weeks from now. It’s going to be KTM’s most affordable bike in the USA, which is $1500 cheaper compared to 390 Duke that’s currently sold by the company. According to reports, KTM and Bajaj are planning to add 200CC Duke in its Noth American market line-up. If this happens, then it will be the most affordable offering by KTM AG in the country.

The price of the entry-level KTM 200 Duke will be around $4000, that’s $1500 cheaper compared to 390 Duke. The bike will get exported from India to the American market. Right now, India is a global manufacturing hub for KTM bikes for 125CC to 390CC models. And with the introduction of KTM 200 Duke in America, it will open new doors for expanding business. The manufacturing of bikes will be done in Bajaj Auto’s Chakan facility near Pune. From there, it will get exported to America, which would be easier. Bajaj Auto is the largest exporter of motorcycles of India and currently exports bikes tagged with the Bajaj logo, along with small-displacement Husqvarna and KTM motorcycles.

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