The Business Inside: Top-10 Gaming News of the August Week-1

1. PUBG & Call of Duty: Mobile might get banned in USA


US President Donald Trump recently held a press conference to report that he plans to ban TikTok and WeChat in the USA. Although banning TikTok is understandable, prohibiting WeChat, and thus, its parent organization Tencent might have the problematic outcomes. Tencent is the developer of WeChat and other well-known smartphone games. These games incorporate PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. It means banning Tencent might also affect these two famous games. Tencent Games is yet to say something on the equivalent. Know More

2. Mortal Shell New Trailer & Release date

The all-new action RPG Mortal Shell is directly around the bend, hiding in the shadows and prepared to snare you on August 18. Keep your eyes stripped. Or on the other hand, watch the new trailer above, which gives you a sample of precarious fights and badass settings. On PC, Mortal Shell will be exclusively available on the Epic Games Store, with a Steam variant coming in 2021. You can pre-buy the Epic Game Store version now for £25/$30. Know More

3. Rocksteady announced the development of a Suicide Squad Game

Following a five-year pause, Rocksteady Studios, the designer behind the Batman: Arkham trilogy, has reported its next undertaking is a Suicide Squad game. Be that as it may, don’t hope to truly realize what we’ll do in the game for a couple of more weeks, as that data is being left hidden. As opposed to deciding on any exhibit, the studio just uncovered the Suicide Squad logo with a picture of Superman (or could that be Bizzaro?) on its Twitter handle. The Suicide Squad logo appears as though it’s proposed to be a crosshair focusing on Superman’s head, which would fit if the game is to be sure about murdering off the Justice League. Know More

4. Microsoft slams Apple over its App Store policies


In the recent event, Apple made a clear statement that it’s not going to approve Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service. Microsoft is currently reproaching Apple over its tough developer limitations and its position on cloud gaming applications, which the iPhone producer doesn’t permit on the App Store for obvious infringement of its rules. In an announcement credited to a Microsoft representative, the organization discloses to The Verge, “Apple remains solitary as the only general-purpose platform that denies users from cloud gaming and game membership services like Xbox Game Pass.” Know More

5. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows Mobile Game by Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital released their new game, “Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows.” It’s an inert game for iOS and Apple Arcade that allows you to have control of different Lords Commander of the Night’s Watch. It looks shockingly chill for a Game of Thrones mobile game. The trailer opens with a close discussion inside what’s most likely a too comfortable bar. The Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is available on Apple Arcade and iOS smartphones. An Android version is yet to be announced. Know More

6. Fall Guys server down right after the release


Fall Guys game developer Mediatonic recognized the server issues with the game on Friday, saying that it denoted an all-new record number of players coming into the game, which is making issues. A “more extended term fix” is presently in progress, with the group going into “maintenance mode.” The designer has likewise referenced additional compensations for players when the game is running adequately. Know More

7. 2021, Hitman 3 will support VR mode


In 2021, you’ll be able to don your VR headset and step into the shoes of Agent 47 for a very different Hitman experience. That’s right, when Hitman 3 launches, it will support VR. The caveat seemingly being that it will only work with PlayStation VR. There’s no word on whether other virtual reality headsets will get the same support. Know More

8. On 27th August, Get ready for ATOM RPG Android version

ATOM RPG, the Fallout-inspired post-apocalyptic Role-Playing Game, would be making its way to Android and iOS platforms. It is going to be available for Android smartphones on the 27th of August. It will be available for a large variety of modern phones and tablets and will feature a lot of the quality of life changes that are needed to present the classic cRPG feel with touch controls. Players will also be able to transfer the save files from PC to mobile. Know More

9. Koch Media Released Dirt 5 new gameplay clip

Minimal grip, maximum fun. Ice Breaker challenges players to master the short circuits that take place entirely on ice, with flowing turns and idyllic environments. Throttle control, precise drifting, and momentum are key to mastering this brand-new experience for the DIRT series. Game company Koch Media has released the newest gameplay trailer for the upcoming video game Dirt 5. Ice Breaker events feature in other DIRT 5 locations, including Nepal and even on the frozen East River by New York’s Roosevelt Island, with up to 12 cars competing together. Know More

10. Fast & Furious Crossroads now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

The launch of Fast & Furious 9 on the big screen may have been pushed back until 2021, but there are still one-way fans of the franchise who can get their adrenaline-fuelled fix – Fast & Furious Crossroads is here and available to purchase on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Available to download from the relevant digital stores this very minute, Fast & Furious Crossroads is the latest video game adaptation of the big screen film franchise. And once again, you’ll be giving the chance to join up with Dom and friends as they work their way through a dangerous world of organized crime. Know More

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