An interactive session with The Business Inside: A little bit about Myself

Hello everyone! Today, I am not going to write anything about any technology, business, current affairs, gaming, or marketing, etc. I just want to tell a little bit about myself today. It’s going to be an interactive blog where I will tell you a little bit about myself, and you can share your views or anything that you want to share in the comment section. Well, since it’s my personal blog, I can share anything, right? There’s also a special occasion. That’s right. Yesterday, I posted the 100th blogpost on my website: The Business Inside.


Well, it might be a little thing for most of you, but for me, every little opportunity or happiness is what makes me feel alive. I want to tell you that I’ve challenged myself to post one post every day, non-stop, without missing day, no matter how hard it might become. And I’m going to continue it. Although it was my consecutive 79th post, I completed the 100th post on my blog.

My Journey to “The Business Inside”

I want to share my little story about how and why I started this website. It might sound a little boring, but please, stay with me.

First of all, I warm-heartedly, welcome all of you to “The Business Inside.” I don’t know what to write today, and I simply not know how to explain why I started this blog. I would like to tell you that I’ve been a writer since 2017. Started as an academic writer, my first job experience was not so good. Well, being told right on your face that “your existence doesn’t mean anything to the company. You are just a tiny part of this organization,” how will it make the person feel? That’s right. This happened with me, and that too on the very first day of my job career. And the person who said this to me was the founder of the company.

That day, I realized that job is not meant for me. But, we all have to do something to survive in this world. So I shifted to another company and started working as a web-content writer, blogger, article writer, etc.. In short, I became a multi-tasker in writing as I didn’t know back then writing types (I still don’t know). But as time passed, I realized my passion for writing. I wanted to do it, not because it’s the easiest job (according to some highly intelligent educated but still uneducated people), but because it makes me realize who I truly am. I like to play with words, there’s so much to learn and earn from it. So one day, I came up with an idea, why don’t I start my blogging site.

For your information, this is not my first blog page. I made two more blogging sites earlier, which were a complete failure. Well, I was learning at that time, so it was bound to happen. But now, I’ve enough knowledge to expand my horizon and reach out to people to express myself through my blogs. I like to write about technology and gaming trends. Other then that, I’m a photographer also. ‘The Business Inside’ also has a section where I’ve put some pictures clicked by me. I post daily new updates regarding business, technology, gaming, and much more. There’s always something new to learn. That’s what I think. My vision is to make a name for myself in the writing world. Earning should not be a problem, and I can share the knowledge as much as I can with the world. I may have started slow, but I will make it worth it.

End Goal: To earn lots & lots of Money

You might think that I’m a money-minded person but believe it or not, we are somewhere thriving for the dream income. The only difference is, I don’t feel shame to admit it. Everyone has different goals and dreams, and my dream is to earn a huge amount of money so that I can fulfill my other dreams. And for that, I choose to work on my passion for writing and gaming. I recently started my gaming channel also. See the link below of one of my videos:

Sometimes, it becomes so much lonely because my time is limited. I have to prove myself as soon as I can. There are plenty of responsibilities on my head that sometimes I doubt myself whether I am making the right choice or not. But I am trying to keep it simple and my eyes straight on my goal. To free me from 9-6 shackles of a job and to reach the height where no one in my family has ever reached.

This is it for me today. I hope you like the content on my website. Stay safe, Stay connected, and Follow my blog for more updates.

Thank You…!!!!

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