The Business Inside: Whatsapp New Feature will Sync Chat history across multiple platforms, Samsung back to 2nd Spot in India

WhatsApp Sync Chat History Across Multiple Platforms Feature

One thing that always bothered with WhatAapp usage is that not having the flexibility to copy chat history across multiple devices. Whenever we have to use WhatsApp on multiple devices, we cannot copy the chat history. If we want to do so, you need to have a WiFi connection as it uses a large amount of data plan.

But now, according to sources, WhatsApp officials are working on a new feature to enable users to use the same account across multiple devices at the same time. Till now, the messaging app was working on single device setup, but, according to recent news, this new feature is getting worked on in parts.

There are no official dates when this new feature will roll out. When it comes, users would be able to use WhatsApp messaging app across four different devices simultaneously. The developers are working to create an interface for the Android and iOS apps.

We can already use WhatsApp on multiple devices, but there’s an issue regarding copying chat history. It needs a lot of time and internet data. You have to connect to WiFi before you start copying chat history. Once you connect to the WiFi, the login process will initiate.

According to WABetaInfo, they used a desktop App for the test run, but will also work on the second mobile device. WhatsApp might consider allowing other mobile devices to get connected to the main device later on after launching the feature for WhatsApp desktop. With this, your device internet connection would not be needed to WhatsApp desktop.

After WhatsApp finished coping chat history to the second device, you can finally use your account from it. Whenever you receive a message, it will automatically get delivered to all your family devices, meaning your chat history will get synced across platforms, and when you use or remove a device, the encryption key will also change. When that happens, if your Security Notifications are on, all active chats will be sent a notification regarding that.

After launching the multiple-device feature, Whatsapp will also launch an iPad app so that the iPhone users can use it on iPhone and iPad at the same time. There’s yet to receive any confirmation regarding support between Android and iOS devices, but it’s something that WhatsApp might bring later on. Earlier, the developers were working on converting the iOS database to a format that might get compatible with Android. It’s still under development and might launch in the future.

Samsung Beat Vivo to gain the Second Spot in Indian Mobile Market

The Indian smartphone market registered a steep decline in the shipment in the second quarter of 2020 as per the IDC report. The main reasons were the global pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown implemented by the government. Xiaomi is still leading the segment, while there was a switch for the second position. Samsung beat Vivo by recording a higher shipment in Q2, which pushed them to the second spot. Vivo is now at third, followed by Realme and Oppo.


Samsung has the advantage of local production setup, but still, Xiaomi managed to ship around 5.4 million units, while Samsung got 4.8 million units. Vivo shipped around 3.2 million units, and Realme reported 1.78 million units shipped. The backlash of the tension between India and China also played a crucial role in backing Samsung’s progress. The #boycottchineseproducts effects were clearly seen, even though they were the slightest.

According to IDC, spending on the mobile segment has dropped down since the early part of March, but we can expect some improvements in Q3. It will depend on how mobile brands can manage production cycles, which suffered the most due to a lack of manpower. Although there’s a demand for low-end and mid-range segment, the smartphone brands have to balance their supply and demand equation.

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