The Business Inside: Build Your Public Profile for Search Engine with Google ‘People Cards’

On 11 August 2020, Google launched the “People Cards” feature in India to enable users to create their profile on Google search engine. We shall remind you that the feature was already in the testing phase for the last couple of years. The idea was to bring a virtual visiting cards-like experience to Google Search. It will help users to highlight their websites, social media profiles, and identity details to the public. Users can control what they want people to see about them.

The feature will use Google’s Knowledge Graph to display data provided by the users. You need to have a Google Account to create your people card on Google Search. Right now, this feature is only available for mobile users and supports English language only. Other languages will be added in the future.

For the time being, people cards features are only available in India, and there aren’t any expansion plans to share right nowWe always work on new ways to make search more safe and useful for people, and we discovered that there’s unique information need that we can serve to Indian people.,” told Lauren Clark, product manager, Google Search.

The main motive of this feature is to allow people to have their public profile on Google Search. It will get displayed on top of all results. Google guarantees that with individuals cards, it is expecting to give “supportive and dependable data” to the general population. Along these lines, it gives the choice to all users to flag abusive, maltreatment, pantomime, or even inferior quality content, on the off chance that they discover anything odd through individuals cards. Google is additionally promoting to have a mix of human surveys and automated strategies set up to flag policy abusing content. Also, one user can create only one person’s card per Google Account. It’s to prevent fake profiles creation.

For those, you have already created their card on Google, they can opt-out anytime if they want. Google Search will display multiple modules for the people who share the same name.

How to create your People Card?

Step-1 Sign in to your Google Account on your Mobile and search for the “Add me to Search” keyword.

Add me to Search

Step-2 Click on the “Get Started” button.

Step-3 Add your public info such as name, occupation, location, about, website (if any), work, social media profiles, education, etc…


Step-4 Click on the “Preview” button to check how your People Card will appear in the search results.


Step-5 Save the details, and click on “View Search Card” button to see the result.

View Search Card

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