The Business Inside: Latest Pictures of Mars Blowed Internet Away with Excitement

Since the very first Mars mission was initiated, NASA spent thousands of hours investigating the red planet with its rovers and spacecraft. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft orbits Mars and snap images of the Red Planet by using onboard cameras. On Thursday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shared some pictures of Mars on their twitter handle. After seeing those pictures, the whole Internet was like “Fascinating.”


The images are nothing short of magical that went viral soon after they were made available online. There are a large number of pictures, and some are strikingly beautiful that anyone can mistake them with art. Anyone can download those images, and if you want, you can share them further.

With over 21000+ likes and 4000+ retweets, people seem to unable to control their excitement after getting amazed by these pictures. “From wishing they could live there to sharing the images further to appreciating the planet’s beauty,” people shared different versions of their feelings.

We all know that NASA’s missions receive funds from public money. That’s why the results are also public domain. Due to this, the images are available for anyone to browse, remix, and download. Not to mention that the space agency has large online databases to maintain the content of various rovers and spacecraft. These databases have to update regularly, although most of the content is uninteresting and blurry (the ones that still not post-processed to include better lighting, contrast, and colors.)

Some Public Reactions

One of the Twitter use also wrote, “I wish I could go there.” Another person commented, “Not simply beautiful, but extremely beautiful.” Most of the people got amazed by the fact that there’s a white tornado-like shadow on Mars. It means that Mars has sunrise and sunset too to form such a beautiful sight.

Many astrophotographs and space enthusiasts spend hours picking and editing the eye-catchy images to provide the public with fascinating galleries to browse. NASA also regularly process and publish images to keep public up-to-date of their findings.

There was also an occasion this time. To celebrate the Mars Reconnaise Orbiter’s 15th anniversary, NASA decided to publish a selection of noteworthy images, provide unusual and stunning looks of the Red Planet and its environment. Three cameras installed on the spacecraft that captured these picture are:

  • Fisheye camera aka. Mars Color Imager,
  • Landscape Camera aka. Context Camera, and
  • High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (Hi-RISE) Camera.

The Hi-RISE camera is capable of capturing high-resolution colored pictures. Its zoom function enables it to record terrain and interesting phenomena. Because of this, NASA can capture amazing otherworldly images of Red Planet, including images of Avalanches, rovers rolling around Mars, Martian dust devils, impact craters, etc…

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