The Business Inside: Greenland Ice Sheets are at the Point of No Return, A New Research Says

The pollution levels are severely affecting our ecosystem and Earth, no doubt about it. And now, a new research study revealed that Greenland’s ice cap melting has gone so far that it is impossible to restore it. The snowfall is no longer sufficient to compensate for the damage caused to Greenland’s ice sheets even if global warming may end today.

In a study published in Scientific Journal Nature says No matter how what we do to reduce the climate-warming emissions, the largest ice mass in the Northern Hemisphere will eventually melt away.” The ice sheets cover 80% of Greenland and formed by compressed snow layers that accumulated over the past 100000 years. Scientists studied 234 glaciers located across the Arctic Territory for 34 years until 2018. The study revealed that annual snowfall has lost its capacity to replenish glaciers as the melting rate of snow and ice during summertime is faster.

A statement from Ohio State University says: “The glaciers in Greenland have passed a tipping point, where the snowfall can no longer replenish the ice sheet each year. It cannot keep up with the ice that’s melting from the glacier and flowing into the ocean.”

Devastating impacts

The climate change is severely impacting the world’s largest glaciers, and the ice melt is threatening millions of lives across the globe. Between 1980 and 1990, the ice cap lost around 450 billion tonnes of ice per year but got compensated by snowfall, as per scientists’ reports after analyzing 40 years of data.

But after 2000, the ice melt accelerated, climbing to 500 billion tonnes, and snowfall can no longer accumulate this loss. In the 21st century, the Greenland ice sheet is melting at accelerated rates, making it a single largest contributor to rising sea levels. We can all agree on the fact that greenhouse gases are one of the main causes of such an anomaly to happen. And their concentration is going to rise even further.

The ice sheets are shrinking from the last several decades because of increased meltwater on its surface. The higher rates of evaporation and submarine melting happen when the comparatively warm ocean water touches the glacier. If all ice of Greenland melts, the water released as a result will push sea levels up by approximately 6 meters. It is enough to swamp many coastal cities around the world, killing millions of people, flora, and fauna.

The things that happen in the polar regions will not stay in the polar region alone. We need to find a solution to this problem and fast. The Earth only got a couple of decades before a water dragon in the form of ocean swamp away half of the planet.

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