The Business Inside” Four Google Tools You Can Use to Conduct Keyword Research Right Now

The coronavirus pandemic had a dramatic impact on consumer behavior. It’s been unpredictable and unstable during this global pandemic. And, because of this, it’s now important more than ever to conduct proper keyword research, if you want to understand the latest shifts in the user’s intent. As an SEO professional, you might already know how to dig deep into Google Search Console, and what type of keywords to use. But now, it’s time to think outside the search box.

Here are some of the tools that you can use to conduct keyword research in 2020:

Coronavirus Search Trends

Google launched Coronavirus Search Trends in March 2020 after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic. At that time, there was a sudden rise in search interest from late February to early March for the topic: Coronavirus. Since then, the topic is just below the ‘weather,’ and has equal search interest with the topic, ‘News,’ but is above music and sports.

Google Trends

Launched in May 2005, Google Trends have come a long way, making it the oldest tool to date. The majority of SEO professionals don’t use it as it does not provide organic search volumes data. The statement was justifiable if it were normal times, but it’s not. Right now, we are facing an unprecedented crisis that represents both an opportunity and a threat to your business or clients. That’s why you need to make use of old tools to explore the alternatives. And Google Trends can give you deep insights regarding almost everything. As a Search Engine Optimization expert, finding insights that you can process within minutes of an event happening in real-time would be a plus point for your portfolio.

Rising Retail Categories

Think with Google launched an interactive tool in May 2020 known as Rising Retail Categories. The idea is to help us understand:

  • The rising queries associated with the retail industry.
  • Fast-rising retail categories in Google Search.
  • The location where those categories are growing.

Shopping Insights

In October 2015, Google launched Shopping Insights to enable businesses to stack up against their competitors. It lets you track-down competing products in the category you are dealing with. During these pandemic times and in the post-COVID-19 era, it’s one of the best keyword research tool available. Shopping Insights can help retailers to stay up-to-date regarding shoppers demand and follow the latest trends in the market.

There are plenty of other tools like Market FinderGoogle SurveysThe U.S. Economy & COVID-19, etc. that you can use for performing keyword research in 2020. Never stop using alternate methods that can benefit you. Who knows, some of these can benefit you, your clients, or your company bounce back from the COVID-19 impact.

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