The Business Inside: New Android 11 Update might anger Millions of Users

Google made a very unrealistic move that might affect millions of Android users across the world. The Android developers are removing a key feature from the upcoming Android 11 operating system due to privacy concerns. According to sources, the next version of the Android Operating system will prevent apps from using third-party camera software to take pictures. The apps can only use the default built-in camera app installed on the smartphone.

In the current version of Android, the apps display a pop-up camera picker from which the user can select their preferred camera app when they have to click a picture. However, this option has been removed in Android 11 OS. Meaning, whoever has installed filtered camera apps like Beauty Cam, Adobe Lightroom, A Better Camera, VSCO, etc., might have to revert to using the built-in camera app. Although users can still use any camera app they desire by launching it directly. Only the camera picker option is removed.

Right now, the developer preview is only available on Google Pixel smartphones, and only the developers who are developing Android apps can use it. Android 11 will get officially released in the 4th quarter of this year.

The new restriction will prevent the apps from accessing your Geolocation without permission. Even if you deny the app from accessing your location data, there are still chances that apps might gain access when using third-party camera apps.

It is because camera apps usually embed location data within the image files, and there’s no way to prevent this data from being returned to the calling app along with the photo. But with new restrictions, there’ll be more tight privacy policies put in place.

We need to understand Google’s reasoning here, although some users probably think that the current solution is an unnecessary inconvenience that might not completely solve the problem. Well, it’s true that disabling the camera picker will not prevent images, complete with embedded location data, from being uploaded from the gallery instead.

We just have to wait and see how this new move will turn out. There are high chances that Android users will be surprised and frustrated when they see that a convenient feature got removed in the new update. Seeing public response, Google might look for a more elegant solution later on.

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