The Business Inside: Epic Vs Apple took an Interesting Turn, Microsoft also defends Fortnite

In a heated battle between Epic Games & Apple, the federal judge on Monday restricted Apple from shutting down an important tool developed by Epic Games. The tools are used by thousands of app makers, which became the subject of an anti-trust battle between Epic Games and Apple. Not to mention, Apple is well-known for bullying other brands, and this time, they crossed a line.

We must tell you that Apple dozens of times criticized Android brands for copying its iPhone features. But this, Apple copied some interesting features from Android too. So the big-bully-daddy, who always claims to be authentic and genuine is no longer pure. You became tainted too. Lol!

Well, back to the topic. The creator of Fortnite, Epic Games utilize Unreal Engine, which the company offers via an affiliated business, used by hundreds of apps and game in iPhones. On Monday, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers wrote in a ruling late that “Apple and Epic Games can have a legal fight with each other, but it shall not create havoc to bystanders.”

We must remind you that the legal battle between both companies started because Apple removed the Fortnite game from its App Store. After that, an affiliated account also blocked the distribution of the Unreal Engine. The reason was, Epic rolled out its in-game purchases method in Fortnite to make prices more affordable for the players. Well, Apple did not welcome this idea, as it affected its pocket. It will prevent them from reaping people from their money. Seeing this, they decided to remove the game, claiming that it affected Apple’s App store security.

After that, Epic launched a lawsuit and social media campaign against Apple’s anti-competitive behavior, who wants to dominate the market for iPhone apps, making the highest-profile challenge to app store business. Well, I think we should start the #BoycottAppleiPhone campaign too. Lol!

Gonzalez Rogers said that the circumstances with the Fortnite case appears of its own making and did not say anything regarding its reinstatement. But she asked Apple to allow Unreal Engine to continue powering iPhone apps. She said that Apple’s actions go against Epic’s affiliate business, and the effects are too severe as it hasn’t breached the iPhone maker’s policies as Fortnite did.

But here the question is, without competition, how does Apple get a 30% commission? Why isn’t 10 or 20? How does it benefit the consumer? Well, I have a one-simple answer to these questions – “Apple is money-minded. It thinks that even if they make a trashy iPhone, it will still be a hit. Well, iPhones were trashy before also (I also used it in the past and still regrets it.), but from the last few years, Apple doesn’t even know what else it should offer to its users.

Microsoft Supports Fornite too.

On the other hand, Microsoft also came to defend Fortnite on Sunday, saying – “Apple’s moves to cut off the company from programming tools would hurt other game creators and players as well.”

In a filing to the California court handling the case between Epic and Apple, Kevin Gammill, Microsoft’s General Manager of Gaming Developer experiences, said Unreal Engine “is a critical technology for numerous game creators including Microsoft. Apple’s discontinuation of Epic’s ability to develop and support Unreal Engine for iOS or macOS will harm game creators and gamers“.

Apple blamed that the Fortnite maker deserves to lose its access to the programming tools because it violated the terms of their contract. The center of the fight is the 30 percent commission that Apple takes on the revenue generated by companies to distribute their apps through its online store. Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple last week after the tech giant took Fortnite off its App Store for releasing an update that dodges revenue sharing. The latest version contains a payment system that lets player transactions bypass the App Store, preventing Cupertino-based Apple from collecting its typical 30 percent cut. Epic has asked a judge to make Apple put Fortnite back in the App Store until the matter is resolved in court.

In my opinion, Apple is just being a dick. Either Apple’s officials think that they are the big-boss of smartphones and software market, or they had lost all sense of doing business. Whatever the case might be, they should realize it sooner that they are not the only ones in the market. Various brands are slowly catching up to them, and in no time, they will surpass them. But still, the iPhone is shit. Lol!

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