The Business Inside: Basic Tips to Getting Started with Blogging

Are you planning to run your blogging website? Do you like writing? Want to turn your hobby into a profession? Do you love to play with words and sentences? Are you confident in your creativeness? Is your brain full of ideas, and you are dying to burst them out? I’m asking these questions because these questions will make a foundation for your blogging. And if your foundation is strong, you are going to succeed my friend.

I started my career as a content writer, and eventually, I found myself writing my first blog post, and after that, I just kept on writing. The thing is, I love to write. It’s the best way to express ourselves without uttering a single word from the mouth. But I’m not here to share my story. Today, I’m going to share the basic tips that you would require to start your blogging website. I will run you through some key points that will help you to move in the right direction in the writing or blogging world. So, let’s have a look:

1. The writing style

Remember, everyone has his/her writing style. It’s always unique. You don’t necessarily have to copy someone else’s writing style, even if another person tells you to do so. I’m telling you this because usually in companies, the top management tries to order their content writer or blogger to copy other blogger’s writing styles. And I think it’s barbaric because it’s like asking a person to change his/her personality overnight. Also, it’s not going to end well. When a writer tries to copy another writer, he/she will eventually lose his/her writing style and will run out of ideas shortly. It not only affects the performance level of that person but also affects mental stability. (I’m telling you this because it also happened to me a long time ago.)

That’s why, discover your writing style and work on it to make it better. You will not go very far if you try to copy other’s writing style. You don’t have to use heavy words to make your article or blog impressive. It’s okay to be simple. Even I use simple keywords. My goal is to make it easier for the reader to understand what I have written.

2. Topic or Idea for a blogging website

One of the most important factors when starting up with a blogging website is to choose a particular topic. If you want to write about your traveling experiences, then it should solely focus on travel blogging. If it’s about food recipes, dining, or anything related to food, then it should only focus on food blogging. Do not try to put together multiple categories into one blog. Otherwise, you will find it hard to keep up with the blogging, and it will be much harder to rank in Google SERPs.

So, select a particular category in which you want to work, or you are good at and start working on it. Personal blog, business, technology, travel, food, Amazon item reviews, gaming, etc., there are plenty of ideas.

3. Selecting a blog platform

Now the next question is, on which platform should we design our blogging website? WordPressBlogspotMediumTumblr, etc., there are plenty of websites where you can start with blog writing. I personally like WordPress because it has various options in terms of theme selecting, font style, free domain service, category-wise website themes, etc.. Also, there customer support service is highly responsive and reliable. You will find everything you need to run your blog site and one place. If you are a good web-developer, then you can also make your own site and purchase the domain from GoDaddyHostinger, etc..

4. The terror of Grammar

Beware of your grammar. I repeat, beware of your grammar. It’s very important. It is one of the important factors that Google looks into when deciding the rank of your website. Grammar also plays a key role in the quality of your blog. Quality content is what readers like to read and if you want to become a professional blogger, then make sure to work on your grammar. Even I make some grammar mistakes, but I use Grammarly for quality check. It also shows the content score of my work.

5. Using Keywords

Make sure to use keywords when writing a blog. Do proper keyword research related to the topic and select the keywords that are not highly competitive or have low volume. If possible, use long-term keywords. This is one of the important basics of content writing. It enables crawlers to recognize your content and try to pitch to the related audience. You can also promote your content on social media.

I hope these tips will help you in some ways. There are plenty of other tips and tricks that can help you to understand blog writing in better ways. I will discuss them in next blog.

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