A Note From The Dairy Of My Daily Life

Hello everyone! Whoever reading this, I hope you are fine and staying safe from coronavirus. I’ve been posting very less for the past couple of weeks. Last week I haven’t posted anything as I had a very busy schedule. And today, I just want to talk or express myself about what’s happening in my life. Maybe you can learn something from it or not. I can’t say much about it.

Well, two months ago, I started my youtube channel, “The Catastrophic Artist” as I have a dream of becoming a professional gamer. But I started this channel to express myself better. Whether it’s through gaming, sketching, talking with people, etc. I decided to post whatever I want to because I enjoy making videos (no matter how shitty it is). The point is, I love what I do, and I want others to see it. And trust me when I say this, “it’s not so easy to pursue your dreams.”

You will encounter endless hurdles, difficulties, and sometimes you will think about giving up. And if you end up giving up, trust me, you are going to regret it later when it’s too late. When you start working on your dreams, some people will motivate you, some will discourage you, and some people will consider you as a fool. It’s happening with me right now, so I know. But if your mindset is clear, your goals are set, and you have what it takes to conquer your dreams, your tomorrow is going to be much better.

See, everyone’s life end goal is to live a comfortable lifestyle and earn a handsome income to fulfill our desires. Some achieve that lifestyle faster while others have to invest more effort and time. But eventually, everyone can achieve what they want if they are true to their dreams and themselves.

It’s been 2.5 months since I started my journey as a YouTuber, and when I’m writing this, I’m close to 100 subscribers. In these two months, I learned a lot. And I’m still learning because the desire to learn something new, never ends. Everyone has different life goals, dreams, and the things they want. The approach could be different, but the start is always the same, and i.e., taking the first step. Remember, it’s very difficult to take that first step, and when you actually take that step, there’s no stopping after that. You have to work much harder, improvise your approach, upgrade yourself, and everyday reborn as a better-self from your yesterday-self.

Well, that’s it from me for today. I just want to say, don’t give up on your dreams guys, just don’t. Rather than lying to yourself for whole life, work on your passion, and make your dreams come true.

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