Why You Should Buy A Premium Domain Name For Your Business?

When you have to take your business online, the first thing you have to decide is, ‘domain name.’ The approach is to establish a strong online presence for your brand. We all know that it is necessary to pick a domain name that represents the brand itself. But, have you heard about premium domain names?

If not then, let us first understand what a premium domain is.

Premium Domain Names

The domain names that are usually short (one to three words), meaningful, and priced higher compared to standard domain names are known as premium domains. When you search for a domain name, you might have noticed that some of them are priced slightly higher than the rest. Why?

The reason is simple:

  • They represent a specific business or industry.
  • You can attract more customers to your website & expand its reach.
  • Premium domains are easy to remember.

Following are some of the characterstics of a premium domain name:

Short in length

In the online world, people like things that are short, simple, and easy-to-remember. These features are the key to establish a great online presence. For example, ‘http://www.onlinecasestudy.com‘ and ‘http://www.casestudy.online‘ are two domain names. While the former has the necessary keywords, the latter is easy-to-communicate, short, and memorable at the same time. It is also keyword-rich.

Relevancy level

One domain name can’t run on more than one website. It is exclusive to its owner. When searching a domain name for your business, make sure to select the one that clearly defines your services. For example, ‘http://www.seo.services‘ clearly tells that the website or business offers SEO services.

High Brand Value

The higher the demand for a domain name, the higher will be its brand value.

For example, ‘www.artist.corner’ is highly indicative and easy-to-remember. There will be multiple bidders like painter, sketcher, visual artist, etc., for this domain. It will make its price rise to a premium level.

SEO Friendly

Meaningful keywords, along with industry-specific domain extensions like .tech, .space, .corner, or .online, makes a perfect keyword-rich domain name. It is also SEO friendly.

Buying Premium Domain Names in 2021

Remember, domain names represent your business identity online. It will help you to build a strong brand. In 2020, the world witnessed a drastic change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people got stuck inside their homes, the brands have to think of out-of-the-box to keep the sales going. As a result, even the small-medium scale businesses started building their online presence. Due to this, the competition level of online business is increasing at a phenomenal rate. The brands are now focussing on monikers that can add additional value to their branding.

Benefits of a Premium Domain

A premium domain will help your business to gain a competitive edge in the business category you deal with. Following are some of the benefits that will help you understand why to invest a chunk of your marketing budget in buying a premium domain name:

More traffic to your website

Although Google treats all domain extensions and names equally, there are still some benefits of a premium domain in terms of website traffic. In SEO, there’s an anchor text. It is a string of words, and when it matches the website address, the SEO of the page gets a boost. The higher the relevancy between anchor text and the page it links to, the better the SEO. Furthermore, for consistent organic traffic to your website, remember the following points:

  • Post original and relevant content related to your business frequently.
  • The website should be mobile optimized.
  • Linking credit backlinks to the website content.

The website with premium domain names tends to attract more clicks, resulting in business growth.

Helps in establishing authority

If you desire to lead in your industry and build authority, start by investing in a category-defining domain name. It must contain industry-specific keywords also. For example, http://www.groceries.store or http://www.electronics.store – both represent the specific industry, making them suitable to become the go-to websites.

As people are prioritizing online shopping over traditional shopping, having a premium domain is a perfect way to build brand credibility and reputation.

Marketing Friendly

Premium domains are meaningful, short, and memorable. It makes them perfect for business marketing campaigns. In the era of voice search, your top priority should be to make people remember your brand name. When you are buying a premium domain, make sure it’s easy to narrate in offline as well as social media marketing. You are likely to remember http://www.fastfood.online from an online ad or billboard, but recalling http://www.sonuonlinefastfoodcorner.com will not be easy.


In 2021, the competition between online businesses is likely to increase. And to gain a competitive edge, you have to think of a unique brand or domain name. For premium keywords, you can always go for new domain extensions like .corner, .press, .space, .tech, etc… If we look at the overall characteristics and benefits, we can conclude that it would be a wise decision to invest in premium domain names in 2021.

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