Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Brand Promotion in 2021

Since last year, the world went through a rapid change in the health sector, business, social life, professional life, etc. A sudden pandemic outbreak flipped our world upside down. No matter what type of business it was, every industry was severely affected because of the COVID-19. At that time, every marketing expert started looking for one solid solution to jumpstart the industry, and the answer was “digital marketing.”

Digital marketing strategies’ job is to highlight brands in front of the audience, no matter how big or small the industry is. One thing you should know that everyone wants to be the best in their field. Whether it’s sports, apparel/footwear, F&B, tech, every brand desires to be at the top in their respective fields. For example, Nike, which is one of the biggest brands in the athletic footwear market. It has a strong digital presence, due to which it occupies 90% of the basketball footwear market. What makes them so special? The answer is the investment made in digital marketing for brand promotion. It keeps them ahead of its competitors in terms of social media engagement.

Now, you must be wondering, what kind of digital marketing strategies will be suitable for your brand promotion? But before we get started, you have to understand how various digital marketing ideas can impact your goal of improving brand awareness and increasing sales. A video can help you distinguish how your product works in comparison to other brands. Written content will generate opportunities for SMM, content marketing, and SEO. Social media, on the other hand, can increase conversion and interest with its engagement tactics.

Top-5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Brand Promotion

So today, in this article, we are going to talk about different digital marketing strategies for brand promotion:

Contest Promotion

At the top of the list, we have a contest promotion. One thing is common all around the world, i.e., people love free goodies. When a person sees a good deal or offer on a forum and deal sites, he/she will jump right into that wagon. Over the past few years, brands are using contest promotion strategies on their website or social media, to expand their consumer base and improve engagement rates. As an example, Slickdeals is a good platform for restaurant marketing.

Use a relevant hashtag to make the contest appear unique and keep track of the entries. By doing so, it will be easy for you to analyze and organize the entries. Also, you can ask the participants to share the contest so that their odds of winning the content will increase. Add a ‘Share’ button to your content post.

If you are into YouTube or Instagram, you might have noticed that some influencers run the giveaway contest. To participate in the giveaway, they ask the audience to complete some tasks such as subscribe or follow, refer to your friends, etc. It is a great way to improve the reach and expand the audience base. And as a brand, you can also implement contest promotion strategies to improve your consumer base and brand image.

Hire Social Media Influencer

Influencers have a great impact on their followers. The way they represent themselves, the things they do, the dedicated audiences try to copy them. So hiring a social media influencer would be best for brand promotion. These days, everyone has access to a smartphone. People spend most of their time swiping feeds on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And when an influencer with a better engagement rate and reach will promote your brand, imagine how much traffic it will bring to your website or brand page.


When hiring an influencer, you need to keep few things in mind:

  • Check the number of followers or audience base he/she has.
  • Is he/she can relate to your brand. For instance, some influencers only deal in a particular industry like skincare, food vloggers, fitness moto vloggers, etc. So, you have to analyze that whether he/she is suitable for your brand or not.
  • Analyze the audience engagement rate. Having the followers, likes, or views in millions doesn’t mean that they have a better engagement rate. Such things can be fake also. So it’s your responsibility to perform deep analytics before making any decision.

SEO Techniques

One of the irreplaceable techniques in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. No matter what happens, you can’t ignore running SEO campaigns. For better site search visibility and a strong brand presence online, on-page and off-page SEO are two key aspects. There was a time when we use generic keywords for optimizing the website’s content, but now, things are different. As the technology is continuously evolving, so does the algorithm behind the search engine. 

You need to understand the right SEO strategy for your brand and implement high-level 360° marketing ideas to stand out in search results. Right now, YouTube Video SEO is in trend. So make sure you have a YouTube channel for your brand.

Run Paid Ads or Campaigns

One of the digital marketing strategies for brand promotion is to run paid campaigns. These campaigns or ads can help you promote the products or services you deal in. Or you can directly promote your brand image. There are various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook campaigns, sponsored ads on Instagram, Twitter ad campaigns, etc. At the start, you can select a single platform and promote your brand/services/products on it. And when you see the positive results, try other platforms also. These platforms give you a detailed structure about:

  • Type of audience interacting with your ads,
  • The geographical area with visitors number,
  • A time when the traffic-rate was high,
  • Age-group of people interacting with your ads, and much more.

This data will help you make better decisions when next-time you run the ad campaigns. As the competition among brands is rising on the internet, this is one of the easiest ways to gain an advantage in the digital marketing battle.

Interact With Your Audience

The best way to improve your brand image is by holding live interaction sessions with your digital audience. During the COVID-19 outbreak, when the whole world was in lockdown, the digital marketing experts, influencers, public speakers, etc., started holding live interaction sessions to keep in touch with their audience. After some time, small-medium and large-scale enterprises also did the same to stay in touch with their consumers.

For brand promotion, holding periodically live sessions is a perfect strategy. You can talk about various things like:

  • Answering questions of the audience related to your brand,
  • The updates related to your products or services,
  • Hold virtual launch of new products/services, etc.

By doing so, you can stay connected with your consumers, and you can know what your audience expects from your brand. Such data will help you in better decision-making and improving consumer’s shopping behavior.


The five digital marketing strategies for brand promotion discussed above can help you in staying ahead of your competitors in the long-run. If you are looking at the future of digital marketing for brands in 2021, then start by implementing one of the mentioned strategies and see the outcome by yourself. But remember, don’t be so hasty. It takes time for a good strategy to show results. You have to be consistent in what you are doing for your brand promotion. It will help you and your brand in the long-run.

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